Rack Mount Chassis
FiberPlex RMC-3700 NEMA-Compliant enclosure for FOI series units

The RMC-3700 is a heavy duty wall-mount enclosure for FOI Modules for industrial environments and rated to the IP-54 standard.

The RMC-3700 is a heavy duty enclosure designed to survive in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. The chassis is rated to IP-54, protecting the internal components from dust and windblown rain.

Each chassis provides up to nine available slots for FOIs or TDU-4000s. Each RMC-3700 includes one power supply. An optional second power supply may be added for power redundancy, leaving eight available slots for FOI devices or TDU-4000s. Each FOI in installed using a CMA-3002 chassis mount adapter (CMA), which slides the FOI into the slot, ensuring correct alignment inside the RMC-3700.

Each FOI must be mated to a CMA-3002 chassis mount adapter (CMA), which interfaces the FOI with the slot and assures correct alignment of the isolator power connector and the chassis power bus. The RMC-3700 can be punched to accommodate conduit per the clients’ needs. The heavy mounting ears allow solid mounting on any vertical surface. An integrated door hasp allows for locking the chassis. This makes the RMC-3700 perfect for outdoor SCADA applications, perimeter security for campus’ and military BASEs, rooftop mounting for antenna or SATCOM applications or even along rail or roadways for transportation data and control.

RMC-3700 applications

  • Wall mount system holds up to 9 FOI modules
  • Perfect for Campus, Military, Physical Security, Rooftop, SCADA and Transportation applications
  • IP-54 rated enclosure with active cooling
  • Specialty louvered vents and sealed door resist ingress of heavy and windblown rain
  • Conduit holes may be punched into chassis in accordance with the customerís needs
  • Includes one PSM-3010 power supply
  • Power redundancy is available through an optional second power supply module.
  • Options for TEMPEST grade RFI power filtering available
# Model # Description Availability
1 RMC-3700 Rack Mount Chassis, NEMA-Compliant enclosure with environmental seal, holds up to (9) FOI type isolators, includes (1) PSM-3010 power supply with facility for a second, cooling fans, requires CMA-3002 for FOI type isolator mounting Pre-Order Available


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