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Code Blue: Help Points, Emergency Call Boxes & Alert Systems Migration to VoIP

Code Blue Corporation uses Patton SmartNodes to connect Emergency Signaling and Alerting End Points to its Integrated Emergency Management Platform.

Code Blue Corporation offers Emergency Communications solutions which include a wide variety of End Points. Their platform supports all kinds of Emergency Phones, Call Boxes, Access Control Terminals and Emergency Notification devices. Some End Points only support Analog. Newer models are available with native SIP interfaces, but existing installed devices need to connect via SIP to the system. Legacy cable infrastructure also often dictates using analog end points.

The Picture
The SmartNode leverages copper connections to connect to analog end-points. These devices can now use ToolVox, Code Blue's systems management platform using individual SIP accounts for each extension to communicate with the IP network back to the ToolVox. Now Code Blue analog IA4100, IA500 and IA3100 are registered in the ToolVox.

The Success
  • Clients can migrate their analog devices to IP in phases and maintain functionality in a hybrid analog and IP environment
  • SmartNodes connect Code Blue FXS emergency end-point devices, integrating those devices into IP based systems.
  • SmartNodes can leverage on-campus and off-campus FXO trunks to enable any type of end point audio or telephony to traverse TDM infrastructure.
  • High density packaging of up to 32 analog FXS or FXO ports enables good use of existing wire closets to aggregate end point connectivity.
  • 3rd Party Analog Speaker Phones can integrate with Code Blue's ToolVox IP-Based Security Management platform
  • Code Blue's ToolVox platform generates dial tone enabling clients to retire legacy PBXs.
  • SIP accounts mapped to FXS ports allows ToolVox to use UPD software providing full programming and diagnostic capabilities.
  • Each analog extension can refer to up to three different SIP Servers, providing for systems redundancy.
  • Analog end points can use single pair cables to support distances up to 3,600 feet at 3 REN (Ringer Equivalence Number)

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The Story

Code Blue is a Michigan based developer and manufacturer of Emergency Communications systems to aid Hospitals, Schools and Mass Transit clients to prevent, monitor, alert, manage and respond to emergency incidents.

With the mission to keep people safe indoors and out, Code Blue focuses on solutions for campus environments that incorporate buildings, open spaces and multiple entry points. Code Blue proudly manufacturers their own End Points in Michigan, including the famous "Blue Tower" Help Points and Public Address systems for outdoor use. They also support a wide range of 3rd party devices for integration into their system.

Bringing together Systems Management and Incident Response software and systems, Code Blue is able to integrate with a variety of external PBX, Cloud and other security platforms.

Legacy systems have a significant role in their security landscape. Clients are seeking ways to extend the life of their analog based security systems and migrate to IP based security at their own pace. Existing cable plant can prevent migrating end points to SIP as a forklift upgrade.

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