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Civilian Fed Government Articles
Avaya Needed a TSG-6 Secure SIP Phone to Support Government Installations in Secure Facilities
All electronic devices emit compromising emanations, including IP phones. Avaya needed theirs to satisfy US Government standards for installation in SCIFs.
  Defense & Intelligence  

  Telecom/Internet/Network Services  

Trends     Physical Security & Biometrics     All-IP Convergence  
Types     TEMPEST EMI/RFI Data Security     Technology Project Services     Hosted Telephony and UC     PSTN to All-IP Migration  
Delivering SIP Trunks Using BroadSoft (now Cisco) Profitably & Efficiently with the Patton Cloud
Whether via BroadWorks or BroadCloud, delivering SIP Trunks profitably means Service Providers must achieve efficient CAPEX and OPEX by controlling service quality, security, reliability, manageability, maintainability, and interoperability at the Edge.
  Defense & Intelligence  

  Telecom/Internet/Network Services  

Trends     5G and LTE Evolution     All-IP Convergence     Cloud Communication     Network/Cyber Security and Privacy     Orchestration, Management & Analytics      Unified Communication & UCaaS  
Types     SIP Trunking      PSTN to All-IP Migration     Legacy Voice Connectivity     Integrated Access     Network Edge Services     Fax & Modem over IP  
Digital Signs are Cheap, But Building the Infrastructure & Operating Services for Persistent Network Connectivity to Those Signs is Expensive
Digital transformation can be seen in the proliferation of digital signs. Digital signage will be everywhere, but putting those signs in some locations can be really difficult.
  Electronics & Hi-Tech  

  Healthcare, Biotech & Pharm  

  Hospitality, Leisure Sports & Entertainment   

  Media, Broadcast & Production  

  Professional Audio Video  

  Security & Surveillance  

  State, Local & Education  

  Transportation & Logistics Services  

Trends     Broadband Innovation     Cloud Communication     IP Video, HD Video & Digital Signs     Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence     MTM, IoT & Connected Sensors     Orchestration, Management & Analytics      Physical Security & Biometrics     Smart Buildings, Cities and Infrastructure  
Types     Network Edge Services     IoT Communications      SCADA Networking     Intelligent Transportation Systems     Professional Audio-Video  
Pitney Bowes: IoT Infrastructure for Dial-Up Postage Meter Connectivity
When AT&T announced the end of their dial-up modem access services, Pitney Bowes needed to figure out how to maintain connectivity to thousands of postage meters with embedded dial-up modems.
  Electronics & Hi-Tech  

  Professional Services  

  Telecom/Internet/Network Services  

  Transportation & Logistics Services  

Trends     MTM, IoT & Connected Sensors     All-IP Convergence  
Types     SIP Trunking      Fax & Modem over IP     PSTN to All-IP Migration     Legacy Voice Connectivity     Network Edge Services     IoT Communications      Technology Project Services  

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