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Professional Audio refers to the delivery of high quality, live, broadcast or studio-grade audio. Abbreviated as Pro-Audio, it describes both a business category and equipment used. Pro-Audio encompasses live events and conferences but also incorporates studio recording and broadcast. Pro-Audio leverages audio mixing, amplification, sound, and conferencing equipment as well as speaker systems. Increasingly Pro-Audio systems are integrated with related sensory systems. Professional Audio/Video, is like Pro-Audio, but incorporates sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems. Pro-AV systems are proliferating in presentation rooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls; command and control centers and now with digital signage on about any wall

Patton Professional Audio-Video Solutions

  • FiberPlex products deliver audio or video distribution solutions with expandable bandwidth, elevated speeds, and at long distances without the noise and jitter that jeopardizes audio and video quality.
  • FiberPlex solutions and tools provide high resolution transport and extension of A/V live events, recording, and broadcast, and deliver the benefits offered by high noise rejection, long distances, lighter weight cable and high bandwidth advantages of a fiber infrastructure.
  • The Fiber solutions enable point-to-point, add-drop or aggregated WDM distribution for any Pro-AV or Control System interface type and enables mode conversion and signal repeating. Systems include multi-channel audio, audio plus control, Analog, 3G and 4K video.
  • SmartNode VoIP products are used to integrated traditional Analog Audio and SIP devices together into a cohesive network.
  • CopperLink Ethernet Extenders deliver Ethernet-connected Pro-AV devices over standard twisted pair wires at long distances far beyond the limits of Ethernet.

Featured Solutions

Fiber Conversion and WDM Gear Helps the GRAMMY Awards Deliver a Flawless Live Event & TV Broadcast
Supporting thousands of unique Audio Inputs for speakers and dozens of performers presented challenges to three companies delivering live mix and broadcast for the GRAMMYs.
ESPN Trucks Connect HD Video on NCAA Facilities; Schools Deploy FiberPlex to Share Fiber Plant.
So far, two of 14 elite colleges in the NCAA Southeastern Conference (SEC) Network (University of Kentucky and Vanderbilt University) have performed facility upgrades that included FiberPlex communications gear to transport more content from their venues to the ESPN network.
Advanced Staging Productions Inc. uses FiberPlex to deliver Projection Mapping for Large Indoor & Outdoor Theatrical Projects
Projection Mapping can create alternative realities by projecting video images on just about any object or surface. But the special projectors located in the stage truss need connectivity to Media Servers that map imagery triggered by audio cues.
Digital Signs are Cheap, But Building the Infrastructure & Operating Services for Persistent Network Connectivity to Those Signs is Expensive
Digital transformation can be seen in the proliferation of digital signs. Digital signage will be everywhere, but putting those signs in some locations can be really difficult.
Related Solutions

Adding Real-Time Communications to Industrial Networks
Adding paging, hotline phones, call boxes, voice alarms/alerts, and emergency dispatch to Industrial Ethernets can result is poor network performance for voice and other real-time services.
Dolby Pro-Audio Conference Phone with Dolby Voice or ANY PBX or Conferencing Service
Patton SmartNode eSBC enables secure connections to trunks, on-premise PBXs, or hosted call control platforms, as well as Dolby Voice services empowering best-in-class audio conferences.
Hillsdale College Expands Fiber Infrastructure for Sports Broadcasting using Wave Division Multiplexing
A major campus fiber plant project had been planned to bring video and audio capacity from the athletic fields, auditoriums, and other venues to the broadcast studio, but construction would be expensive and disruptive. Patton FiberPlex came to the rescue with a better solution.
Baptist Miami Hospital is using FiberPlex to deliver Live-Viewing and Studio Production of Surgical Procedures
Modern Operating Rooms need to be equipped with Pro-AV systems to enable remote Live-Viewing and Streaming for Studio Production of Training Videos and for distance-learning; Baptist Miami Hospital used Fiber to solve several challenges.
Multi-Image Group Produces Large Events; At AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium They Needed to Use the Stadium's Existing Gear and Fiber Infrastructure
Multi-Image Group saved tons of money and was able to interconnect their own systems, and leverage existing singlemode fiber and existing Pro-AV systems at the stadium used by the Dallas Cowboys.

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