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Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call Integrated with Vocera Communicator Badges using Hospital Telephony

SmartNode VoIP Gateway enables Raulandís Responder 5 and SIP Endpoints to seamlessly integrate with the Vocera Wireless Communicator Badges using Hospital PBX systems.

The Problem
In order for Vocera "Communicator" Badges to integrate with Rauland's Responder 6 and other Nurse Call Systems, facility PBX integration is also needed to translate telephony signaling and audio into the SIP standard protocol. Important information like room and bed numbers must be handed off between the systems.

The Picture
After a patient imitates a call, the Responder 5 sends a TAP alert to the Emergin middleware. The Emergin middleware translates the alert into a Vocera-specific alert command to page the Badge. The staff initiates a Vocera answer sequence and Vocera/Emergin reads the answer sequence and dials the PBX via the Patton SmartNode. The VoIP Gateway hears the room/bed number from the PBX and sends a SIP call via SIP Registrar/Proxy Server. The Responder 5 sends an acceptance response and 1 way audio (RTP) begins from the nurse call system to the SmartNode which then converts to T1/Analog to reach the PBX and Vocera Badge.

The Solution
  • Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateway is used to connect a Hospital PBX System enabling Rauland's Responder 5 to interoperate with the Vocera B2000 "Communicator" Badges & Emergin Orchestrator Middleware.
  • A patient call from Responder 5 is sent as a TAP alert through Emergin Orchestrator middleware and the Vocera Wireless Phone System to the Vocera B2000 Badges.
  • Answering a call is an automated telephony dial-back sequence controlled by the middleware via the facility PBX.
  • Because the Responder 5 is a SIP compatible product, a SIP Registrar / SIP Proxy Server is required for operation. Rauland-Borg uses a SIP Server for automatic registry of SIP call endpoints (patient stations, consoles, staff terminals, etc.) on the nurse call system.
  • Enables PBX integration using T1 or Analog and can be used to integrate analog End-Point nurse call terminals to the Rauland and Vocera platforms.

Read the Rauland-Borg Application Note

The Details

Vocera manufactures a revolutionary wearable communication device, which is worn by hospital staff like a security badge. The badges are wireless communicators that enhance the interaction options in healthcare facilities. They enable hands-free voice communications, receive secure text messages and deliver prioritized alarms and alert notifications. The system enables users to broadcast to groups, initiate and join conference calls or deliver schedule reminders. Now staff, for example, can answer patient calls without going to the nurse station or the patient's room.

Vocera integrates with more than 140 clinical systems such as EHRs, nurse call, patient monitoring, patient flow, interactive patient engagement and real-time location systems. One such integration is with the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call System.

Rauland's Responder 5 uses the Hospital Facility PBX to facilitate nurse calls. Answering calls requires automated dial back sequences which are controlled by middleware interfacing to a facilities PBX. Patton's SmartNode VoIP Gateway is need to facilitate integration of these systems and is required to translate the telephony signaling and audio into the SIP standard protocol used by Responder 5 and the Vocera devices.

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