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Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Information Technology, simply called "IT" refers to anything related to computer technology, such as networking, hardware, software and the Internet. Project Management in the context of Technology and Information is the process of planning, organizing completing and realization of an organizations Technology objectives.

Patton Technology Project Services Solutions

  • Patton's Special Projects Group extends all or any of Patton’s competencies to customers to deliver fully customizable Technology Services.
  • The Special Projects Group brings deep experiences in the development of data transmission, IP switching, routing, TDM, voice, data, video, cyber security, and sensor technologies, systems and solutions.
  • The Special Projects Group offers project management, R&D, product development, network and systems design, integration, manufacturing and logistics services. From ideation and brainstorming, feasibility studies, requirements definition to custom engineering, SPG is able to deliver full life cycle support implementing your technology, system, product, or environmental vision.

Featured Solutions

Avaya Needed a TSG-6 Secure SIP Phone to Support Government Installations in Secure Facilities
All electronic devices emit compromising emanations, including IP phones. Avaya needed theirs to satisfy US Government standards for installation in SCIFs.
How to Deliver High-Speed IoT Connectivity to Underground Mines Over Three-Phase Power Lines
Patton partnered with Trinity Solutions to successfully deliver Broadband miles under ground over noisy power lines also used to power machinery.
Pitney Bowes: IoT Infrastructure for Dial-Up Postage Meter Connectivity
When AT&T announced the end of their dial-up modem access services, Pitney Bowes needed to figure out how to maintain connectivity to thousands of postage meters with embedded dial-up modems.
Related Solutions

Exelon Upgrades its Dosimeter Monitoring System & Avoids a $1M Upgrade to Cable Plant
When the Limerick Generating station needed to upgrade a dosimeter management system in the Nuclear Reactor Building, they needed a way re-use legacy cabling embedded in concrete barriers.
Hillsdale College Expands Fiber Infrastructure for Sports Broadcasting using Wave Division Multiplexing
A major campus fiber plant project had been planned to bring video and audio capacity from the athletic fields, auditoriums, and other venues to the broadcast studio, but construction would be expensive and disruptive. Patton FiberPlex came to the rescue with a better solution.
Modernizing Traffic Controls with Secure, High-Speed, Ethernet-Connected Video & IoT Sensors Over Old Twisted-Pair Copper Plant
Maryland State Highway Administration used state-owned, outside copper plant for secure and OPEX-free connectivity, delivering a next generation traffic control system that is intelligent, always on, and powered by IoT sensors
Fiber Conversion and WDM Gear Helps the GRAMMY Awards Deliver a Flawless Live Event & TV Broadcast
Supporting thousands of unique Audio Inputs for speakers and dozens of performers presented challenges to three companies delivering live mix and broadcast for the GRAMMYs.
Vodafone: A Phased, Zero-Touch Migration Strategy from ISDN to All-IP Voice
Using Patton eSBC devices, Vodafone Next Generation Services (VNGS) devised a transition strategy enabling existing on-net and off-net subscribers of Vodafone NZ to migrate at a controlled pace from ISDN to SIP Trunking with automated provisioning and minimal service disruption.
New Virtualized Call Recording for E911 require acquiring and transporting Audio Streams from Diverse Communication Systems
911 Call Centers are moving their mandated call recording from integrated audio recording servers to virtualized recorders that rely on gateways to acquire audio streams from diverse platforms; and convert, forward and collect them into cloud-based SIP recording systems.
National Airline Upgrades Passenger Check-In System with a Communications Solution from Patton
For a major European national airline, timely and reliable processing is a critical factor for the passenger check-in service at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport. The check-in system includes critical communication between the check-in desk and the back-office systems. Unfortunately...
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