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>   Why doesn't my Short Range Modem work with a Laptop?
>  How can the distance limitations on any unit be extended?
>  How should two DCE devices be connected?
>  How to check if Microsoft's USB fix is installed on my computer?
>  Two Wire Operation of Models 1004A, 1009, 2085 and 2089?
>  What do I do if I have a USB modem on WinXP and the modem frequently disconnects?
>  What is the different between wired as DCE and DTE?
>  What is the meaning of DCE (data communication equipment) and DTE (data termination equipment)?
>  What pin-out should be used to connect DCE to DTE?
>  What services do I need from my phone company to use modem on hold?
>  What's required for a Short Range Multipoint Modem to operate Two Wire?
>  Why won't my RS485 or RS422 device work properly, and which signals do Patton use as + and -?
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