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How do I install a license key?
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License Key installation is described in the Software Configuration Guide 3.10 in the Chapter "Basic System Management" section "Managing Feature License Keys".

To install the licenses, simply copy the install command and license key ("install license 00010001gB...") from this message and paste them into an open CLI telnet or console session. Note that the CLI session must be in the "configure" mode.
You can verify that your license are installed using the following command:
  show licenses

Occasionally, e-mail clients can add spaces or tabs that will currupt a license key. If you have problems with the cut and paste method, you can alternatively copy a license file from your TFTP server as follows:
  copy tftp://tftp-server-ip-address/tftp-server-path/license-file licenses:

 copy tftp:// licenses:

  You should then see:
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