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Must the DiamondLink G.HDSL Routers or 3086 IADs be used in pairs?
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 In order to establish a G.HSDSL connection, there must be a modem on each end of the link. This does not mean that a DiamondLink/IAD modem must be on each end. The DiamondLink/IAD modem can be used with the following options on the other end of the twisted pair:
1. Another DiamondLink G.HDSL Router
2. Another Patton G.SHDSL CPE or IAD device such as the Patton Model 3086 G.SHDSL IAD
3. One of Patton;s G.SHDSL DSLAM options such as the 2096RC Digital Access Concentrator or the 3224 ipDSLAM.
4. A third party G.SHDSL CPE modem.
5. A third party G.HSDSL DSLAM. As long as the third party modems and DSLAMs implement the G.SHDSL standard, the DiamondLink router can be used in conjunction with them across the twisted pair. Operation above the standardized 2.6 Mbps is dependent upon vendor implementation and interoperability at these higher rates will vary. 
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