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What protocols are supported by the G.SHDSL products?
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  • Point-toPoint Protocol over HDLC
  • PPPoA(RFC2364) Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM
  • PPPoE(RFC 2516) Client for autonomous network connection. Eliminates the requirement of installing client software on a local PC and allows sharing of the connection across a LAN.
  • User configurable PPP PAP (RFC1661) or CHAP(RFC1994) authentication.
  • Multiprotocol over ATM AAL5 and Multiprotocol Bridges encapsulation RFC 2684 (Formerly RFC 1483) and RFC 1577 Classical IP over ATM. Default RFC-1483 route mode. Logical Link Control (LLC)/Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) enxapsulation. Default VC mux mode.
  • ATM UNI 3.0, 3.1 and 4.0 signaling ATM QoS with UBR, CBR, nrt-VBR, and rt-VBR and per-VC queuing ans haping. IISP V.1.0 Q.2931 UNI L3 and Q.2971 UNI L3 support.
  • LAN Emulation Client (LEC) V.1 with LEC via PVC or ILMI connection. Peak cell rate shaping on a per-VCC basis up to 32 active VCCs across VPI 0-255, VCI 0-65525. Single default PVC:8/35 with PCR=5,500 cells
  • I.610 OAM network management including AIS/RDI, loop-back and performance monitoring.
  • Enhanced ILMI 4.0 for auto-configuration of ATM PVCs.
  • FRF.12 Frame RElay Fragmentation support, LMI for Frame RElay PVC Link Management, FRF.5 Frame Relay to ATM Network internetworking, and FRF.8 Frame Relay to ATM Service Internetworking.
  • Complete internetworking with IP (RFC741), TCP(RFC793), UDP(RFC768), ICMP(RFC950), ARP(RFC826)
  • IP router with RIP (RFC1058), RIPv2 (RFC2453) for up to 64 static routes
  • Built-in Ping and Traceroute facilities
  • Integrated DHCP Server(RFC2131)
  • DHCP relay agent (RFC2132/RFC1542) with 8 individual address pools.
  • DNS Relay with primary and secondary Name Server selection.
  • NAT (RFC3022) with Network Address Port Translation(NAPT), MultiNat with 1:1, Many:1, Many:Many mapping, Port/IP redirection and mapping.
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