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U-Boot factory config how to for SmartWare
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If a firmware update fails the SmartNode will enter the u-boot mode. Connect a computer to the console interface and restart the SmartNode. You will see the Prompt "=>".

How to force the SmartNode entering the bootloader/u-boot mode

While connected with your computer to the console interface, perform a restart of the SmartNode. The following will appear on the console
Hit any key to stop autoboot:
When doing so, the boot process will be aborted and the SmartNode remains in u-boot mode. 

From u-boot mode a firmware upgrade or firmware recovery, is done as per the following instructions.
First of all the image file you may download and store in a folder of your TFTP server.
    Download the required .bin file at


  1. Erase the potentially stored evironment variables from u-boot, to get the default behavior:
protect off 0x60080000 +0x00020000
erase 0x60080000 +0x00020000
protect on 0x60080000 +0x00020000
run eraseconfig
  1. Set the IP of the SmartNode: setenv ipaddr <device ip address>
  2. Set the netmask for the SmartNode: setenv netmask <device netmask>
  3. Set the TFTP server IP: setenv serverip <tftp server ip address>
  4. Specify the right folder of your TFTP server where the image file is located: setenv tftproot <path>
    The SmartNode will automatically select the image.bin 
  5. Type in: run getimage
    wait for the image to be downloaded
  6. Type in: reset

Now the SmartNode will perform a reboot. Afterwards it will boot up with the regular firmware.

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