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SmartNode 1k Ethernet Port fallback enable port redundancy
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For Ethernet port redundancy, the SmartNode / SmartWare action script functionality will move the interface binding from one Ethernet port to the other in case a failure on the Master Port appears. For the master port supervision, an additional interface is required. The interface is addressed as unnumbered to avoid any IP-Address conflict.

The action script supervises the supervision interface and as soon as the link goes down on this port, the binding move takes place.

As soon as the Link comes up again on the supervision port, the action script in this example rebinds the main communication interface back to the initial port.

Configuration Example:

#                                                                #
# SN1k                                                           #
# R6.T                                                           #
# 2013-04-18                                                     #
# Example configuration                                          #
# Created by: MZ                                                 #
# Contact us at support@patton if you need any help              #
#                                                                #

cli version 3.20
arp gratuitous

  rule ETH0_DOWN
    condition router:IF_SV_ETH0 LINKDOWN
    action 1 "port ethernet 0 0"
    action 2 "no bind interface IF_WAN"
    action 3 "port ethernet 0 1"
    action 4 "bind interface IF_WAN"
    action 5 "no shutdown"

  rule ETH0_UP
    condition router:IF_SV_ETH0 LINKUP
    action 1 "port ethernet 0 1"
    action 2 "no bind interface IF_WAN"
    action 3 shutdown
    action 4 "port ethernet 0 0"
    action 5 "bind interface IF_WAN"

context ip router

  interface LAN

  interface IF_WAN
    ipaddress dhcp

  interface IF_SV_ETH0
    ipaddress unnumbered

context ip router

port ethernet 0 0
  medium auto
  encapsulation ip
  bind interface IF_SV_ETH0 router
  bind interface IF_WAN router
  no shutdown

port ethernet 0 1
  medium auto
  encapsulation ip
  bind interface IF_SV_ETH1 router

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