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Create Line Service
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Now, you must create a new line service, for your line interface. A line service defines the payload type of a line interface or another line service. The line service chain stops when it reach the E1/J1/T1 line service.

The E1/J1/T1 line services are also known as trunks or spans.

To create a new line service:

1- Select Tdm Interfaces-->Line Interfaces from the navigation panel

Toolpack v2.5 Navigation Panel Line Interfaces.png

2- Click Edit next to the line service for which you wish to create a line service

Toolpack v2.5 Edit Line Interface.png

3- In the following window, click Create New Child Line Service (also, a number can be created at once by selecting Create Multiple Child Line Service)

Toolpack v2.5 Create Line Service.png

4- Create the new Child Line Service:

  • Enter a name for the new line
  • Select an available local index, from the drop-down box
  • Select appropriate framing and loopback modes
  • Click Create

Toolpack v2.5 Creating Line Service.png

5- Navigate back to the line interface page, by following link displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. The new line service should be displayed in the Line Services list

Toolpack v2.5 Line Service Created.png

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