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How to upgrade my CL1314?
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Firmware Upgrade Ethernet Extender (CL1314 Series)

Factory Default Settings:
1. Default IP Addresses:
a. CL1314MDE/EUI:
b. CL1314R/L/EUI, CL1314/L/EUI (local unit):
c. CL1314R/R/EUI, CL1314/R/EUI (remote unit):
2. Password for all units: superuser
3. Latest firmware version: 1.1.6(Release)

Firmware Upgrade Procedure:
1. I configure my laptop’s Ethernet port for so that it is on the same subnet as the Ethernet Extenders’ IP address/subnet.
2. Be sure your firewall permits a TFTP session.

3. I use SolarWinds TFTP Server, so my instructions are based on that.
a. -> File -> configure
i. In the General tab, set the TFTP Server Root Directory:
ii. I put the upgrade firmware in this directory on my laptop.
iii. In the Server Bindings tab, verify that you can see your laptop’s IP address in the box “Currently Available Addresses.”
iv. In the General tab, under Status, click on the Start button to start the TFTP server.

4. Telnet into the CL1314MDE/EUI with the Ethernet connection to either Eth0 or Eth1 on the front panel of the unit.
a. ‘help’ command to see the available CLI commands in the Telnet session.
b. ‘info’ command to see the Model number, firmware version, MAC address, and IP address.
5. The command to do the firmware upgrade:

CL1314MDE> upgrade<file-name.firm>

where “” is the IP address of your laptop that has the TFTP server,
and “<file-name.firm>” is the name of the firmware file.

6. Once the firmware upgrade is completed, in less than 2 minutes, telnet into the unit to verify that the ‘info’ command shows the Software Version to be 1.1.6(Release).

CL1314MDE> info
System info:
Model: CL1314MDE
Software Version: 1.1.6(Release)

Console MAC Address: 00:a0:ba:09:69:e8
Console IP Address:

This completes the firmware upgrade of the CL1314MDE/EUI.
Firmware Upgrade for CL1314R/R, CL1314R/L, CL1314/R, & CL1314/L
1. The firmware upgrade procedure is the same process as for the CL1314MDE units except that CL1314R/R and CL1314/R have an IP address of
2. The firmware version (and file) is the same for all these units.
3. Note: You can also verify whether a unit is remote or local with the ‘status’ command. It will show the CopperLink mode to be either remote or local.

Software upgrades can be found at here.

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