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Which DHCP client options are supported in the SmartNode?
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The DHCP client options, supported in SmartWare are:

DHCP Option  Name  Description
1  Subnet Mask   Specifies the clients subnet mask 
3  Router   Specifies a list of routers for the clients subnet 
6  Domain Name Server   Specifies a list of Doman Name servers 
12  Host Name   Specifies the name of the client 
15  Domain Name   Specifies te domain name to be used when resolving hostnames 
50  DHCP Requested IP Address   Used if the client requests a particular IP address to be assigned 
51  DHCP IP Address Lease Time   Specifies the lease time for the IP address in seconds 
52  DHCP Option Overlaod   Specifies if the 'file' and/or 'sname' fields are used for DHCP options 
53  DHCP Message Type   Specifies the type of the DHCP message 
54  DHCP Server Identifier   Identifies a particular DHCP server, thus the client can distinguish multiple DHCP servers 
55  DHCP Parameter Request List   Used if the DHCP client requests values for specifeid configuration parameters 
56  DHCP Message   Used to provide an error message 
57  DHCP Maximum DHCP Message Size   Specifies the maximum length DHCP message it is willing to accept 
58  DHCP Renewal (T1) Time Value   Specifies the time interval until the client goes to the RENEWING state 
59  DHCP Rebinding (T2) Time Value   Specifies the time interval until the client goes to the REBINDING state 
60  DHCP Vendor Class Identifier   Used to transport vendor specific information 
61  DHCP Client-identifier   The unique identifier of a client, thus the server can distinguish multiple DHCP clients 
66  DHCP TFTP Server Name   Specifies the TFTP server name when the 'sname' field has been used for DHCP options 
67  DHCP Bootfile Name   Specifies the bootfile when the 'file' field has been used for DHCP options 

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