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Configure a Patton M-ATA with Avaya IP Office Platform 9.1
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Please follow these instructions to setup your Patton M-ATA as a SIP Extension within the Avaya IP Office Platform 9.1.


A.  Either enable Auto-Create Extn/User or otherwise manually add SIP extensions and users to the IP Office configuration.

1. Browse to the IP address of the Micro ATA.

2. Login and select SIP.

3. Enter the values to match the settings of the IP Office LAN on which the SIP Registrar is enabled. Click Save.

4. Select CODECS.

5. Set the codecs to match those set for the IP Office SIP extension. Click Save CODEC Configuration.

6. Select Phone 1.

7. Enter the values to match the IP Office SIP extension and user settings. Click Save.

B.  If installed using extension and user auto-creation, check the settings of the IP Office SIP extension and user created by the SIP devices registration.

C.  Make test calls from and to the SIP device.

D.  If not installing any further SIP devices, Disable Auto-Create Extn/User if it is enabled.


For more information, please read the Avaya document here.

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