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Mapping-Tables in the SmartNode 1k Series
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Patton SmartNodes have a very complex digit manipulation engine that is highly configurable for most parameters within a call setup.  

Mapping table:
  • Selects the best matching entry
  • Sets/Changes the value of the defined Information Element
  • Mapping tables together with regular expressions are more powerful

Mapping-Table Types:

Creating/Entering and changing a Mapping-Table:

To do this, you must be in the 'context cs' section of the configuration.

(ctx-cs)# mapping-table <input-type> to <output-type> <name>
(map-tab)[MAP]#map <input-value> to <output-value>

Sample Mapping-Tables:

mapping-table called-e164 to called-e164 REM_PREFIX_911
map .(.%) to \1

ex.  If you have to dial a 9 to get an outside line
9911 converts to 911 
(Helps comply with the newly enacted 'Keri's Law')

mapping-table calling-e164 to calling-e164 ADD_00
map (.%) to 00\1

ex.  If you want to have a prefix added to every number dialed (For accounting purposes, least call routing, etc...)
3019751000 gets mapped to 003019751000

mapping-table called-e164 to calling-pi CNPN_PI
map *31*(.%) to restricted

ex.  If you need to change the presentation for Privacy reasons
When *31*1234567 is dialed, the Presentation Indicator is mapped to restricted.

To use multiple mapping-tables, a Complex-Function can be configured. This is an ordered list so be aware of this when creating this complex-function.

complex-function CF_TO_PSTN
execute 1 CNPN_PI
execute 2 REM_PREFIX

How to use a Mapping-Table:

Mapping-Tables are best used within a routing-table.  See the example below that uses the mapping-table listed above (REM_PREFIX_911).

routing-table called-e164 OUTBOUND

     route .T dest-interface IF_SIP REM_PREFIX_911

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