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Trinity Switch To Backup Image Using Reset Button
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These steps will help with the recovery of a device that is caught up in an endless boot due to a crash on the unit firmware/image, our Trinity devices have dual image capabilities which can help with the recovering unit without console ports.

Follow these instructions to switch the bootloader from one image to another one.

  • HOLD the reset button during boot
  • The power LED flashes quickly for 5 seconds, during which time the reset button must remain pressed
  • The power LED will begin a blink pattern (described below)
  • Pressing the reset button will change the blink pattern
  • 10 seconds after the last reset button press, an action will be performed based on the selected pattern




1-blink, pause

Boot normally

2-blink, pause

Switch active image, then boot (boot normal on a single image device)

3-blink, pause

Erase the config partition, then boot from the active image.

4-blink, pause

Get an image from the configured TFTP server, replace the active image, and then boot (blink LED during download/upgrade)



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