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No or Invalid certificate error when Provisioning through the Patton Cloud
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Provisioning not working?  Are you seeing the error message below?

Since Summer of 2018, Patton has factory installed a serial-number-specific certificate on each Trinity device.  This certificate is required for provisioning a configuration file directly from our Cloud.  If you received your Trinity device before this time, you can easily install this default certificate from within your Patton Cloud Dashboard in a few easy steps.

1)  Connect the device to the cloud (nodems-client)

configure forced

organization-key <Your Org Key>
no shutdown

profile aaa DEFAULT
method before 1 nodems continue-on-reject

copy running-config startup-config

2)  On the device list, select the 'Default Certificate' menu for the device.

3)  A window opens that shows the currently installed DEFAULT certificate on that device. If this is a serial-number-specific certificate, a green message appears below. Otherwise, a red warning message shows up.

4)  Click 'Install' to install the proper serial-number-specific certificate that is needed for advanced provisioning. After this, the new certificate is displayed automatically and a green confirmation message should appear.

5)  A device reboot is needed before it is able to get provisioned.

reload forced

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