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U-Boot firmware recovery for Trinity SmartNodes SN49xx, SN49xxA, SN54xx
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From u-boot mode a firmware upgrade or firmware recovery, is done as per the following instructions.

This article is valid for the following devices:

Atlas large

Atlas small

Download the usual installation file from: (e.g. SN4980A_3.xx.x.tar)

Extract the .tar file to your tftp root directory

The following file must be renamed:

For old HW version
patton_atlas_large_old_cpld.dtb    ---> fdt.dtb

or for new HW version
patton_atlas_large.dtb             ---> fdt.dtb

Connect a computer to the console interface and restart the SmartNode. You will see the Prompt "=>".

How to force the SmartNode entering the bootloader/u-boot mode:
While connected with your computer to the console interface, perform a restart of the SmartNode.
Type stop to stop autoboot. When doing so, the boot process will be aborted and the SmartNode remains in u-boot mode. "=>"

1. Set the IP of the SmartNode: setenv ipaddr <device ip address>
2. Set the netmask for the SmartNode: setenv netmask <device netmask>
3. Set the TFTP server IP: setenv serverip <tftp server ip address>
4. Specify the right folder of your TFTP server where the image file is located: setenv tftproot <path> for tftp root directory setenv tftproot .

5. run getfdt1
   wait for the image to be downloaded

6. run getkernel1
   wait for the image to be downloaded
7. run getrootfs1
    wait for the image to be downloaded
8. Type in: reset

9. If Trinity is running correctly check the log in Trinity CLI (show log error) If there is an error Trinity is running. Perform a normal firmware upgrade again.
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