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FiberPlex TDP FiberPlex 6-Position Front Connect Rack (TDP) For TD Series Modules With 16-Channel Modular Front Panel

FiberPlex 6-Position Front Connect Rack (TDP) For TD Series Modules With 16-Channel Modular Front Panel

Complementing the flexibility of the FiberPlex ‘TD Series’ of fiber optic modules, the TDP provides front-of-rack connection, mounting, power, and cable management for up to 6 front-facing TD modules in a compact and rugged aluminum 1U rack. Each of the 16 channels of the modular TDP front panel can accommodate any Neutrik™ D Series connector, LC and ST barrel connectors, DB-9 connectors, etc. The unused positions are simply fitted with a blank panel. The integrated key-hole mounting holes on the bottom of the TD units lock securely on mating studs while a rear retention bar holds them securely in place. A 6-position power wiring harness and included power adapter provide, not just 9 VDC power, but a positive earth ground to the modules via 3-position Phoenix™ locking power connectors. Managing all that cabling and fiber can sometimes be quite a chore, the TDP allows a simple solution to put maximum capacity and flexibility into a single 1U space.

  • Datacom
  • Broadcast
  • A/V Installations
  • Mobile Studio
TDP application

  • Provides mounting and power for up to 6 single-wide or 3 double-wide TD Series modules
  • Perfect for front-of-rack connections
  • Accommodates up to 16 connector positions
  • Plates available for standard Neutrikô D Series connectors, LC and ST barrels, DB-9, etc
  • Selected connectors included
  • Reconfigure in minutes
  • Securely seats modules with positive retention bar
  • Power adapter and wiring harness included
  • Convenient cable tray for clean installation
  • Grounding stud for positive earth ground
  • Reinforced rack ears
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1 TDP_SA TD Modular Panel, 1U General Availability


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