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Complete Turn-Key IP PBX Solutions
58 minutes
Co-Sponsor: 3CX

For today’s small and medium Enterprise, implementing a software-based IP PBX offers many benefits: substantial cost savings, greater scalability, easier management, robust feature sets, enhanced worker productivity, and more. Yet for many businesses, a complete overhaul of their telephony infrastructure to an all-IP solution may not be the best approach. Would you like to learn how to leverage your existing phone system and reap the benefits of next-generation IP PBX technology--while migrating to converged-IP at your own pace?

This webinar highlights turn-key IP PBX solutions that use SmartNode Gateways to connect your legacy phone equipment to your next generation 3CX phone system:
  • Connect your existing phone lines to VoIP services and features
  • Connect existing legacy phone and fax equipment
  • Connect to remote offices with low-cost IP telephony
  • Connect on the road and from home
  • Connect with voice and data survivability for business continuity
What attendees will learn:
Business benefits of software-based 3CX phone systems How SmartNode VoIP Gateways interconnect legacy telephony with advanced VoIP systems and services Pros and Cons of several TDM to IP migration strategies SmartNode auto-provisioning with 3CX phone system

Below are "cheat sheets" that list the 3CX licenses and the most common SmartNode gateways sold with 3CX:

Patton/3CX Cheat Sheet (US)

Patton/3CX Cheat Sheet (Includes BRI)


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