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Patton Launches Redirection Service For SmartNode VoIP Customers


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By Colleen Lynch, TMCnet Contributor

Patton just made known the launch of its new and complementary Redirection Service, aimed to provide enhanced support for mass deployments of SmartNode products. The Redirection Service enables zero-touch mass deployments of the products for both service providers and their various distributors –at least those who already have auto-provisioning servers.

Patton will host an educational webinar about the service on Thursday 16 August. >>register here...

Those who choose to use the new service will see multiple benefits including reduced configuration and provisioning errors, as well as a reduced number of models on stock.

The way it works is the Redirection Service tells SmartNode products where it can find its designated auto-provisioning server. This then enables service providers and distributors both auto-provisioning for their serves with zero-touch deployment of SmartNode products.

Using the Redirection Service, service providers and distributors no longer need to pre-configure every separate device unit by unit, reducing the overall effort wasted in the process while also saving time and money.

The Redirection Service is also aimed to result in fewer errors made during the normal pre-configuration process. There is also no need then for special SKUs with customer-specific provisioning directions. Distributors are able to keep stock costs low, provide faster lead time, and easier RMA procedures.

Models supported by the new service include SN4990, SN4980, SN4970, SN4670, SN4660, SN4120, SN-DTA and SN4110.

The Redirection Service is based on HTTP redirect method. This means it supports all provisioning protocols of SmartWare (HTTP and TFTP), and its administrators interface is the HTTPS web user interface.

The organization of the service is improved as well. The User/Group Management feature creates a hierarchial structure of users and groups, in the aim of matching multi-level distribution channels easier and better.

The security offered by the Redirection Service is amplified as well, with no user or service specific information entered or stored on the site at any point.

Those interested in checking out the new, free service for themselves should send a completed and signed SLA form to

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