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Patton Spearheads Audinate-Based AV-over-IP Product Development


Patton is nearing launch of its US-made, next-generation pro-AV solutions for the Audinate Dante AV-over-IP market

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“We are excited about all the new possibilities Audinate’s new Dante AV Module opens for developing the sort of products the pro-AV market craves.”

Buddy Oliver
VP Product Management 

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton—US manufacturer of everything-over-IP, unified communications (UC) and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions—will be the first manufacturer to present a new generation of Audio-Visual-over-IP (AVoIP) products, based on the Audinate Dante AV Module™.

“We are excited about all the new possibilities Audinate’s new Dante AV Module opens for developing the sort of products the pro-AV market craves,”  said Buddy Oliver, VP product Management at Patton. 

“We are incredibly pleased and honored to have Patton be the first to adopt Dante AV,” said Bob Ehlers, VP of product management at Audinate.

Mr. Oliver explained, “Patton has been building VoIP products for almost two decades. FiberPlex has been creating pro-AV solutions for many years as well. Since we combined forces in 2017, it totally makes sense to build unified communications products with Dante-powered AV-over-IP video capability.”

“By adding video to Dante we are making it easier for manufacturers to add robust and integrated audio and video capabilities,” Mr. Ehlers added. “That means a better AV-over-IP experience for all end users who depend on—and have come to love—Dante and Dante-enabled products and solutions.”

The Dante AV Module from Audinate is a hardware solution for interfacing audio and video with a 1 Gbps network, delivered as a compact, castellated circuit board.

FiberPlex FPX6000R AVoIP Gateway from Patton

FiberPlex FPX6000R
AVoIP Gateway from Patton

The module is an ideal AVoIP transport and management solution, perfectly aligning video with audio, to support demanding applications in professional AV. 

“We expect to release our AVoIP gateway—built on the Audinate Dante AV-over-IP technology—early next year. Watch for a whole new series of very-high-quality Dante-powered AVoIP pro-AV solutions from Patton,” Mr. Oliver said, “all designed and manufactured in the USA.”

In related news, last week Patton announced the company won Internet Telephony 2020 Communications Solutions Product of the Year for its Patton Cloud network edge orchestration service.

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Patton is all about connections. In today’s fast-moving All-IP market, Patton has been diligently innovating, leading the future of communication. It is our joy to connect with our customers and business partners in this mission of network transformation, building on more than four decades of technology expertise in Unified Communications, Network Access, and Network Connectivity. Incorporated 1984, Patton designs and manufactures high-quality, right-priced products and services that connect you to the cloud and the Internet of Things, leveraging virtualization, SDN, NFV, and SD-WAN.

Patton is uniquely qualified to help connect carrier, enterprise and industrial networks to these advanced new-generation technologies, while preserving investments in legacy TDM and serial communications equipment. Patton’s world-class customer and technical support is eager and able to help you get your solution connected and running smoothly. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, Patton is connected with an ever-growing network of technology, business, and sales-channel partners. To connect with local-market requirements, Patton operates training and support centers in locations spanning the globe.

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