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Patton Ships New VoIP Box… Carriers Deliver Services on TDM Leased-Lines

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland: Patton, the industry leader in network access and connectivity, announces the new SmartNode Model 4830 Series Multi-port VoIP Integrated Access Router with integrated WAN ports is now shipping.

The new SmartNode™ 4830 gives service providers and network administrators an extremely cost-effective way to offer converged, IP-based voice/fax-and-data services using traditional TDM leased-line network infrastructure. The SmartNode™ Model 4830 connects directly to existing NTUs presenting serial ports (such as V.35 or X.21) to deliver state-of-the-art data and VoIP services—with all the cost-saving benefits—to consumers.

Wherever serial ports are present for leased-line services, the SmartNode™ 4830 is the ideal CPE solution for organizations needing 2 to 8 simultaneous VoIP calls (up to 50 user-seats). Combinations of 2 to 8 FXS/FXO ports can connect to analog phone, fax, PBX, or key-system equipment. An integrated X.21 or V.35 synch-serial port provides a PPP or frame-relay connection to the IP service network.

“For many organizations, leased-line access is still the only option,” said Ramon Felder, SmartNode™ Product Manager. “The Model 4830 brings all the benefits of VoIP to all those people, as well as their service providers. Plus it extends the useful life of all their analog phone equipment. That adds up to a lot of wins for a lot of people.”

The SmartNode™ 4830 series combines a multi-port analog VoIP gateway, a feature-rich QoS IP-router with VPN support, and an integrated sync-serial WAN port in a single CPE device. The unique combination maximizes ROI for service providers and enterprises.

Service Providers can create fresh revenue streams by offering integrated voice, fax and VPN data service bundled with Internet access over existing leased-line infrastructure.

Enterprises can make deep cuts in their phone bills by using VoIP for toll-bypass, while preserving their investment in analog telephony gear. SME organizations can further reduce operating expenses and administrative overhead by consolidating voice and data equipment into an integrated multi-service network.

Along with its integrated sync-serial port, the Model 4830 provides dual 10/100 Ethernet ports. One port connects to the Ethernet LAN, while the second port provides a separate physical link to another device, such as a De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) or web server. The IAD’s web-browser management interface offers simplified set-up for easy, cost-effective deployment and continuous trouble-free operation.

Like all members of the SmartNode™ family, the SN4830 combines standard upstream QoS with Patton’s advanced DownStreamQoS™ to ensure best-possible voice quality, even over best-effort network services such as the Internet. For VoIP call set-up and signaling, SmartNode™ supports SIP and H.323 protocols. While many VoIP devices use H.323, SIP has become widely recognized as the preferred choice for the maturing VoIP industry. By supporting both protocols, SmartNode™ ensures seamless interoperation with all the leading third-party soft-switches and VoIP networks, not only for today, but well into the future.

“The VoIP market is pretty crowded,” said Scott Whittle, Director of Marketing at Patton. “Everybody’s offering VoIP gear, but what makes Patton SmartNode™ more-than-just-talk is six years of experience making VoIP business work for Carriers”.

Additional WAN-access options for the Model 4830 series are planned, including T1/E1, G.SHDSL, and ADSL 2+. Consult Patton for availability.

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