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Voice-VPN Router Delivers Secure, Encrypted VoIP for ISDN Users


Optimized for secure, IPsec-encrypted voice-and-data processing, Patton's SN4562 SoHo VoIP-VPN Router unlocks the cost-savings of Voice-over-IP for security-conscious enterprises.

SmartNode™...more than just talk!

BERN SWITZERLAND: Patton-Inalp Networks AG — creator of the SmartNode™ brand of industry-leading VoIP-technology solutions — announces their new SmartNode™ Model SN4562 Secure ISDN VoIP Router for small-office/home-office deployment.

For companies that handle sensitive information--and the carriers that serve them--Patton's Voice-over-VPN solution with encrypted voice and data offers a way to move forward with secure, hacker-proof VoIP.

Featuring hardware-accelerated voice encryption and software optimized for security processing, the SmartNode™ Model SN4562 makes VoIP accessible to organizations that have been missing out on the cost-saving and revenue-generating benefits of Internet telephony because of security concerns.

"Savvy enterprises understand the huge benefits VoIP offers," said Ramon Felder, President of Patton-Inalp Networks AG. "But weak security has made VoIP deployment a non-starter for many businesses. Now they can cash in on the cost savings of VoIP."

Most VoIP gateways compromise information security by transporting VoIP and data traffic over public networks without encryption. For enterprises with ISDN terminal equipment, the Model SN4562 provides converged inter-office voice-and-data communication that is private and secure over non-secure public IP networks such as the Internet.

The SN4562 employs Patton's voice-encrypted VoIP VPN technology to deliver secure VoIP with IPsec strong encryption, AES and 3DES keying, and Internet Key Exchange (IKE). Debut deployment of the CPE VoIP router is currently underway in a 1200-site VoIP network for a major retail chain in Germany.

"We're hitting all the targets," said Marco Liechti, product manager, "performance, interoperability, quality of service... plus VPN security... all integrated into one platform."

SmartNode routers offer best-in-class VoIP QoS and interoperate with a growing list of softswitch vendors.

"Standards are out there," said Scott Whittle, VP of Product Management, "like SRTP and SIP TLS that encrypt voice traffic at the CODEC level. But they aren't ready for market. They're still emerging. SmartNode provides secure VoIP and data now, in a single box and at a very competitive cost. It's even priced lower than many data-only VPN routers."

For hi-resolution images of the SmartNode 4562, go to Patton's media resources page and click on VoIP.

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