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More Bandwidth, More Survivability for Unified Communications
Lync-Enable Your Existing Communications Systems
Case Study : Time-Lapsed IP Photography in Far North
OnDemand : Educational Webinars
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Tuesday 27 November 2012
Connect - telecom news U can Use

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your November 2012 edition of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for the telecom and network-technology markets. Have you noticed Patton's growing library of ON-DEMAND webinars? Get your copies of the new solution guides for high-availability unified communications (BODi) and Gateway to Lync (SmartNode) solutions. We also highlight a ruggedized Ethernet-extension case study about lime-lapsed IP-photography in Canada
Finally, catch up on any Patton news headlines you may have missed. Be sure to like, tweet, and share your comments!.

SmartNode - The Gateway to Lync
 >>Solution Overview  icon indicates Adobe PDF file
image of webinar video Gateway to Lunc
>>OnDemand Webinar
Lync-Enable Existing Communications Systems with SmartNode Gateways

Your enterprise can now reap the benefits of unified communications (UC) with Microsoft Lync—without replacing what you currently have.

Certified by the Microsoft UC Open Interop Program for Lync server, Patton’s SmartNode™ products provide the "Gateway to Lync" for all your office communications equipment and software--certified or not.

Preserve capital investment by Lync-enabling your existing phones, fax, PBX, etc. using SmartNode™ VoIP media gateways. By sustaining your PSTN connections, SmartNode delivers network survivability for business continuity, plus local breakout for toll bypass. Can you say "cost savings?"  >>Learn more...

Connect PSTN lines, legacy and IP voice systems to Lync. Patton's free on-demand webinar, Gateway to Lync, outlines the four most common scenarios.

Get your free copy Download the free solution overview
The Gateway to Microsoft Lync icon indicates Adobe PDF file

MORE - BODi Webinar
  >>OnDemand Webinar
Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.
  >>Solution Overview  icon indicates Adobe PDF file
More Bandwidth, More Survivability for Unified Communications

Need more bandwidth for your unified communications environment? More reliability? More survivability? BODi rS™ Bandwidth-On-Demand Internet Routers deliver broadband-like speeds always, anywhere.

Prevent lost revenue and wasted worker productivity that often stems from slow, poorly-performing Internet access. BODi rS™ multi-WAN line-bonding routers provide load-balancing and link failover for business-critical networking.  >>Watch the free on-demand webinar...

Bonding up to seven 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi/WiMAX or VSAT uplinks, the BODi product line offers cost-effective, on-demand bandwidth aggregation for fixed and mobile enterprises of all sizes.

Patton's BODi™ rS product line BODi routers seamlessly aggregate multiple wired and wireless connections for intelligently-managed bandwidth-on-demand—with automatic seamless failover.
 >>See product details...

Get your free copy Download the free solution overview
Enhanced Bandwidth and Seamless Wired/Wireless Survivability for Unified Communications icon indicates Adobe PDF file

IP photography in far north application drawing
"With Patton's rugged power-over-Ethernet extender, we provide year-round, time-lapsed photography in any weather."
Case Study : Time-Lapsed IP Photography in the Far North

The harsh climate and geographical location of these construction projects made environmental conditions a critical concern for reliable operation of network equipment. >>full story icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Patton created a customized product: the EHA2173/R/UI combines Patton's NEMA4-compliant EnviroNET™ rugged-industrial enclosure with...  >> read more icon indicates Adobe PDF file
Get the Story Another Case Study. . .
VoIPReady w/ Broadvox SIP Trunks icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Free OnDemand : Educational Webinars
Complete Turn-Key IP-PBX Solutions
Learn how to leverage your existing phone gear to reap the benefits of next-generation IP-PBX technology—while migrating to converged-IP at your own pace. This webinar presents turn-key solutions for using SmartNode VoIP Gateways to connect legacy voice equipment to a software-based PBX solution from 3CX.  >>Watch it now...
Free Webinar - Complete Turnkey IP-PBX Systems - 3CX
SIP Trunking: How to get the biggest bang for your buck
The benefits of SIP trunking include lower operating costs and improved worker productivity, yet the optimum strategy can vary. Speakers from Patton, Broadvox, and ABP Tech present key strategies for building business-class converged communications.  >>Watch it now...
SIP Trunking : How to get the biggest bang for your buck
Pimp My PBX
SIP Enable™ offers you the ability to connect your existing legacy PBX to Vitelity SIP Trunks by using a Patton SmartNode Gateway. The solution allows you to preserve your investment in your existing legacy equipment but still move to cost-effective and feature-rich VoIP phone service. In other words… SIP Enable™ pimps out your PBX!  >>Watch it now...
photo of SIP ENABLE equipment
All About Ethernet Extension
ABP Technology invites you to join an hour long interactive presentation on how Patton's Ethernet Extender solutions can amplify long-range Ethernet over existing voice-grade copper wiring, up to 5 miles over a single twisted pair.  >>Watch it now...
All About Ethernet Extension
Next-Generation T1/E1/PRI and ESBR VoIP Solutions
Learn everything you need to know about the next-generation SmartNode T1/E1/PRI VoIP Gateway and Session Border Router Series. Webinar needs, product overviews,  enterprise and carrier applications, promotions, tools & resources.  >>Watch it now...
Next-Generation SmartNode T1/E1/PRI and ESBR Series

Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.
What You Missed in Recent Patton News Headlines...                >>like, tweet, or comment
Announcing Premium Support Services, Patton Now Offers 24x7 Worldwide Coverage
Since 1984, Patton has provided gold-standard free lifetime technical support for every product sold—including free downloadable software upgrades  Now, Patton introduces platinum-level...  >>full story
Patton Ships IPv6-ready SIP-Trunking VoIP Gateways
World-renowned for high quality and "set-it-forget-it" stability, Patton leads the market toward next-generation IPv6 communications, with a new series of SmartNode...  >>read more...
Mobile Wireless Internet Router Delivers Portable Broadband-on-Demand with WiFi/Wireless Hotspot
For business networking on-the-go, the new BODi rS portable wireless Internet router equips mobile or vehicle-based enterprises with high-speed wireless WAN-access, seamless multi-network roaming, bonding and failover—plus WiFi/wireless mesh... >>
full story
New CopperLink Ruggedized and Multi-Drop Ethernet Extenders Exploit Existing Copper Cable to Reach Beyond Three Miles
Patton expands the CopperLink series adding ruggedized and multi-drop Ethernet Extenders that leverage ubiquitous copper twisted pair to link Ethernet LANs up to 4.26 miles apart in harsh...
>>
More News Headlines. . .

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