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Issue Contents Patton VoIP News Archive   
12 November 2015
• Cool Winter Deals on E-SBCs & E-Gateways
• Ecosystem - Unify, MetaSwitch, TWC, more
• 3.8.1 Release – Cellular Support, Improved GUI
• Ethernet Extenders - IoT, Industrial Nets, more
• Success Story - SS7 Gateway Deployment
• SmartNode VoIP Wins More Accolades
• Let's Connect! - Shows, Training, Meetings
• Europe - New CEO Pushing All-IP
• What You Missed...
13 August 2015
• HOT Summer Deals! Smaller-Better-Cheaper
• NEW Lync/Skype-for-Business Server
• BroadSoft Validates New-Gen SmartNode CPE
• Create Your Own Ethernet Extender
• Did they just say "FREE SUPPORT?!?!"
• Showing Up is 80%
• What is a Web Wizard?
• Meet Gilles Bourdin...
• What You Missed...
31 March 2015
• Reaching SMBs with IP Telephony & UC 
• Patton Powers MTM & Industrial IoT
• ITSPs Report 50% Lower OpEx with PEMS
• New Heads in Asia and Western Europe
• Got BRIs? Now Get Encrypted HD Voice
• Middle East: New Patton Distributor in Dubai
• Expand Your Knowledge • Get Certified
• SmartNode Claims Number Nine!
• What You Missed...
25 November 2014
• Case Study: IP Traffic Control for Maryland SHA
• New VoIP Appliance Platform for Developers
• Auto-Provisioning Solution for SIP Trunks
• Expand Your Knowledge • Get Certified
• Deliver Rich Media over Common Phone Wire
• IP PBX & VoIP Gateway in One Box
• What You Missed...
30 September 2014
• SmartNode Gateways Now Open to Developers
• New Ultra-High Speed Ethernet Extenders
• What's the Best CPE for Broadworks?
• Expand your knowlege, meet Patton people
• Config Wizard for SmartNode & Trinity CPE
• Gartner Study Surveys E-SBC Market
• Reunion Deploys SmartNode in SMB VoIP Service
• What You Missed...
6 May 2014
• Heartbleed at Patton?
• SBCs – Key Part of UC Ecosystem
• What VARs Need to Sell UC Telephony
• Deutsch Telecom Picks Patton Lync-Certified CPE
• Patton Scores UC Excellence Award
• New Customer-Premise SBC for Carriers
• Managed & Secure, Copper Ethernet Extension
• Hot Headlines - Patton in the News
• What You Missed...
26 February 2014
• Connect Your Whatever to Microsoft Lync
• Touch-less Turn-up, Monitor & Control
• Ramon in Las Vegas - An Interview
• Managed & Secure Copper Ethernet Extension
• US Treasury Secretary Visits Patton Headquarters
• EFM Tech Enables New-Gen Services over Copper
• SPG Addresses Gov/Defense Requirements
• Hot Headlines - Patton in the News
• What You Missed...
28 August 2013
• After Earthquakes: Recovery-Enabled VoIP Network
• What is Multi-Drop Ethernet (MDE)?
• Case Study: Advice of Charge Solution in the Cloud
• IP-PBX Appliance from SmartNode & 3CXa>
• EFM Bonding DSLAMs:- Blade or PizzaBox
• Washington Post Covers Patton's Manufacturing
• Hot Headlines - Patton in the News
• What You Missed...
26 March 2013
• New Fiber and ADSL VoIP IADs Now Shipping
• Success Story: VoIP Call Center in India
• Case Study: Advice of Charge Solution in the Cloud
• TelecomReseller Podcast - Why Lync Gateways?
• EFM Bonding DSLAM Coming Soon
• Two Hot Ones - Product Launches
• Hot Headlines - Patton in the News
• What You Missed...
27 November 2012
• More Bandwidth, More Survivability for Unified Communications
• Lync-Enable Your Existing Communications Systems
• Case Study - Time-Lapsed IP Photography in Far North
• OnDemand : Educational Webinars
• What You Missed (other news)...
31 July 2012
• Tutorial - SS7 Signaling Protocol
• Patton Serves Witness as Obama Signs Ex-Im Bank Bill
• ON DEMAND! New Patton Webinars
• RealityCheck™ - Time-Lapsed IP Photography in Far North
• VoIP for the Long Run - SmartNode™ 10k Series
• Extend Ethernet 3.4 miles (5.4 km). Achieve 5.7 Mbps
• Patton and Techlan Transport Norbert Dentressangle to All-IP
• Let's Connect at Upcoming Local Events...
• What You Missed...
28 February 2012
• Webinar TODAY! VoIP for the Long Run - SmartNode 10K Series
• Case Study: Broadvox Deployment Spawns VoIPReady Solution
• 1000s of BRI Gateways Shipped: BRI-POTS Hybrid coming...
• You Missed the Webinar? Watch the Recording
• SmartNode Scores Seven in a Row with 2011 Product of Year
• Upcoming Training and Trade Shows Worldwide...
• Trade Up to SmartNode, Get Money
• What You Missed...
7 February 2012
• Patton Unveils High-Density Carrier-Grade VoIP Media Gateway at ITEXPO
• Patton Scores 7 in a Row : SmartNode™ Wins Internet Telephony 2011 Product of Year
• More news headlines. . .
• NEW Case Study : Patton Deploys Broadvox SIP Trunks, Creates VoIPReady Solutions
• CASH Rebates for Your Unwanted VoIP Gear
26 October 2011
Webinar: All About Ethernet Extension
News: Ultra-Fast Extender Breaks Another Boundary
Patton Pays for Unwanted VoIP Gear
Webinar: SIP Trunking - Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
New SmartNode™ PRI, BRI VoIP Solutions
Meet Patton at Upcoming Events Near You
Survey: I Wish Patton Would. . . 
What You Missed...
24 May 2011
Burt Patton on UC, Clouds & the future of VoIP
Video: Doug Hill on Session Border Controllers
Let Patton Buy Your Unwanted VoIP gear!
Two new products expand Patton's PRI VoIP gateway line
Certified SmartNode™ UC with MS-OCS & IBM Sametime
Free Download – snom ONE, pbxnsip, & 3CX Configuraton Tool
Meet Patton at Upcoming Events Near You
SmartNode Video Tutorials - Have You Seen Them All?
What You Missed...
26 October 2010
Video: Mobile Video Surveillance
Get Cash for Replaced VoIP Gear
20% Off Lowered RAS Prices - Get Your Free Guide
Patton's EFM Solution Wins NGN Leadership Award
Complimentary Training - Rewards for Channel Partners 
On-Schedule, Under-Budget Cable Installers Guide! 
Meet Patton at Upcoming Trade Shows 
Does Patton Speak your Language? 
What You Missed...
25 May 2010
Get Hands-On VoIP & IP Video Training at IPSizzles
Video Tutorial: How to Set Up SIP Trunking with Patton & 3CX
On-Schedule Under-Budget System Installations
Mobile Video Surveillance Technology Unveiled
Online Education: Ethernet Extension
What You Missed...
2 March 2010
Industrial White Paper: Future of Legacy in NGNs
Webinar: Setting up iPBX solutions with SmartNode
Transition RS-232 Device Networks to Ethernet/IP
Broadband Ethernet Reaches Beyond Tech Limits
SIP Trunking for Lower-cost Enterprise Telephony
What You Missed...
21 January 2010
How to do SIP trunking? - Patton VoIP White Paper
Extending Ethernet - Video Tutorial
ITExpo! See Patton's SIP Trunking Gateway
Free PoE Ethernet Boosters
Session Border Controller from SmartNode™ VoIP
The Pattons - The Family Behind the Company
What You Missed...
30 November 2009
Who intercepts your VoIP calls? - VoIP Security White Paper
Webinar - SIP trunking VoIP IAD Solution
Free VoIP Certification Training
Year-end Discounts on VoIP Routers
Complimentary VoIP Product Guide
What You Missed...
30 September 2009
• Cut OpEx! Transport Analog Voice and Fax over IP
• Song Phat Gets Converged Business Communications 
• White Paper: The Future of Legacy in Industrial Networks
• Deliver First-Mile Ethernet Services at up to 22.8 Mbps 
• Patton Combats Terror, Protects VIPs 
• Rock Out - The PATTONs YouTube Music Videos
• Patton in the Press - Hot News Headlines
• What you missed...
8 June 2009
• Industrial Ethernet: cut costs and reach 5.8 miles
• Cablecom selects Patton for Euro-ISDN VoIP service 
• SmartNode™ price cuts stimulate analog VoIP market
• VoIP Cookbook on YouTube: 3CX-SmartNode™ recipes
• The PATTONs rock band - did you know? 
• Patton in the Press - Hot Media Headlines
• What you missed...
3 March 2009
• SmartNode wins VoIP Product of Year - AGAIN!
• Converged Ethernet/IP Services over SDH
• Extend PoE five times the standard reach
• VoIP Cookbook - New SmartNode-Aastra recipe
• Get your Multiservice-over-SDH Solutions Guide
• Patton in the Press - Hot Media Headlines
• What you missed...
December 2008

Have a Merry Christmas with 2-for-1 Pricing on Three Hot Patton Products!
NEW! Extend PoE 5 times the standard reach
NEW! Mux 8 asynch devices over Ethernet or Serial
STILL HOT! Market-shaking SN4960 PRI VoIP IAD
RealityCheck: Nursing home gets a fatter pipe
VoIP Training near you -- in five languages!
15 September 2008
• Survey: How was your Patton experience?
• Extend Ethernet 4,000 feet over serial circuits
• The price is right for routers - product review
• Unified Communications 2007 product of year
• Bite-Size tech tutorials - Patton Resource Center
• White Paper: Building a Bigger Pipe - Inverse Mux
• Patton Press Rollup - Recent Hot Headlines
11 February 2008
• Stream IP-Video 6000 feet over Twisted Pair
• Unified Communications Agent for SmartNode
• Free Fax Adapter with 2-BRI PSTN Gateway
• SmartNode Wins Product of Year... AGAIN!
• VoIPTraining in Your Language
• New Patton Catalog Over 1,000 Products
• Patton Press Rollup - Hot News Headlines
26 November 2007
• Build Next-Gen Networks with TDM Lines 
• Patton Wins IT Excellence Award
• Free Fax Adapter with 2-BRI PSTN Gateway 
• Unified Communications for Boy Scout Camp 
• Patton Training & Seminars in Your Back Yard 
• Industrial Networking - New Solutions Guide 
• Press Rollup - Read the Hot Headlines
29 November 2006
• White Paper - Industrial VoIP with QoS
• Drive VoIP Profits Higher with Built-in G.SHDSL
• Media-rich Services over Copper Wire at 50 Mbps
• Sales & Tech Training in Your Region
• Press Rollup - Read the Hot Headlines
25 September 2006
• SN4960 - More profitable business-trunking services
• SMEs unleash the power of VoIP with SIPxNANO IP-PBX
• Rockin' with CopperLink™- Patton keeps celebrity alive
• RoHS-compliant toolless IDC baluns now shipping
29 June 2006

Special Issue:

Secure Voice & Data
• Secure VoIP VPNs with Encrypted Voice
• VoIP Goes Extreme - Outdoor/Industrial VoIP Gear
• Secure Biz-Class Routing from Patton
• Secure Device Networking
• Patton in the News... Selected Hot Headlines
28 March 2006
• Increase T1/E1 Revenues with RocketLink-G™ NTUs
• World's Smallest ATA - Everyone Gets More Pie
• Take Your Network Anywhere with EnviroNET™
• Router Selection Made Easy... New Routers Guide
• SmartNode™ Certified Interoperable with BroadWorks™
27 February 2006
• Award-Winning SmartNode™ - Superb Voice Quality
• Patton to Unveil Encrypted Voice at CeBIT 2006
• SmartNode™ VoIP Delivers First-Line VoIP Service
• Patton Excercises RoHS Manufacturing
30 January 2006
• VoIP White Paper - QoS Beyond the Provider Net
• New Serial Device Servers for the Age of IP
• Success Story - SmartNode™ Powers inode VoIP
• More Beef - SmartNode™ Bulks Up with New Features
22 December 2005
• Manage Serial Devices Remotely over Secure IP
• Special Holiday Offers for Network News Readers
• EtherBITS™ Early-Bird Special
11 October 2005
• IpDSLAM Reaches More Subscribers with More Services
• Extend Serial Lines up to 5 Miles over Copper Cable
• Patton-Inalp Appoints New President & COO
• ForeFront™ AIS... Leading the Edge
15 September 2005
• Deliver Mission-Critical Data Securely over Internet
• Meet Patton at GITEX Dubai 2005
• VoIP CPEs Specially-Priced for GITEX 2005
7 June 2005
• New Revenues from Serial Lines with SmartNode™ VoIP
• New Browser-Based Patton User Group (PUG)
• Meet Patton at SUPERCOMM 2005 & Get a Free T-shirt
• Ethernet Extenders Still Going the Distance...
• SmartNode™ IpChannel-Bank VoIP Business Solution
31 March 2005
• Introducing SmartNode-Express™ Voice Extension
• SmartNode-Express™ Voice-over-Ethernet Solutions
• SmartNode-Express™Voice-over-WAN Solutions
• Special Pricing for SmartNode-Express™ Bundles
• Voice of Reasons - Why the World is Buying SmartNode
29 December 2004
• Avantel Mexico Selects SmartNode™ VoIP Gateways
• SmartNode™ with FXO & FXS Integrates Voice & Data
• SmartNode™ Slashes Expenses for Competitive Carrier
• VoIP TechNotes - SmartNode QoS - FXS & FXO
• Announcing 2005 SmartNode Training Schedule
15 August 2004
SmartWare™ 3.10 - Now SmartNode Is Even Smarter
SmartNode Saves Time, Money & a Priceless Employee
Patton Kicks Network Services Up a Notch
Special Offer - 1/2 Price SmartNode!
31 December 2003
Connect Branch-Office Voice & Data to Headquarters
2003 RealityCheck Re-Cap
Enjoy the Benefits of Partnership
2003 Product Highlights
Also Released in 2003
14 November 2003
Increase Revenues & Reduce Expenses with ForeFront Access Infrastructure Solutions
Have You JOINED?
Special Offer - 16 Free G.SHDSL Customer Premise Modems
22 August 2003
Link Your LAN to the WAN with Patton's IPLink Router
SmartNode Delivers IP Telephony for Mid-East Royalty
Attention Distributors: Are You Still Patton Certified?
Have You JOINED?
27 June 2003 Extend Your Reach with FibreLink™...
Exelon Saves $1 Million with VDSL Modems
HOT! Patton Products
Get Yours!
31 May 2003 New Copper/Fiber Media Converter
G.SHDSL IAD Press Release
Required Patch-G.SHDSL Router Modems
Have You JOINED?
11 April 2003 G.SHDSL Router - 4.6 Mbps on 2 Wires
G.SHDSL IAD - TDM & Packet Access
VOIP: What Are FXS & FXO?
SmartNode Certification
Join Patton's Partner Program
28 March 2003
New Format!
New Ethernet Extenders
Half-Price Ethernet Extension Kits
CopperLink™ Presentation
The Patton CopperLink™ Family
SmartNode Certification
Join Patton's Partner Program
26 February 2003
CeBIT 2003 Edition!
Patton & Inalp at CeBIT
Telephony over IP Products
DSL Aggregation Products
DSL Routers
Ethernet Extenders
Remote Access Servers
16 January 2003 ISP Owner Swears by Patton RAS
Patton & Inalp Join Forces
Patton's NEW! VoIP Gateways
FREE Phone Calls via Internet
RADIUS Tech Notes for RAS
Have You Joined?
2 January 2003 NEW! Universal Mounting Panel
Model 3120 High-Density RAS
Have You Joined?
15 November 2002 China's LAN-WAN Over E1 Solution
NEW! High-Density RAS
RAS Port Replacement for W.Europe
Have You Joined?
16 September 2002 ISP Slashes Monthly Telco Costs
Wide Area Ethernet Solutions
Ethernet Extender Discounts
Announcing V.92!
4-Port T1/E1 DACS
Have You Joined?
6 September 2002 Ethernet Extender Discounts for Registered Patton Partners
15 August 2002 4-Port T1/E1 DACS: Model 2604
Boost Revenues with RAS Filtering
31 July 2002 Have You Joined?
Latest V.92 Release
Wide Area Ethernet
High-Density RAS
Partner Training Discounts
Enhanced Warranty Discount
Boost Revenues: RAS Filtering
15 July 2002 V.92 Beta Release 3.4.1BB
Perks for Partners
Partner Training
2002 Catalog
High-Density Multi-Service RAS
G.SHDSL Router
25% Off Enhanced Warranty
Boost Revenues: RAS Filtering
28 June 2002 Did You Get Yours?
Patton Partners Get Training
Join The Team
G.SHDSL Router
RAS Enhanced Warranty
RAS: Working with OIDs
20 June 2002
Distributors Get Your Catalogs!
15 June 2002 Get Your New 2002 Catalog!
Shanghai Office Press Coverage
RAS Enhanced Warranty Service
G.SHDSL Router - Now In Testing
G.SHDSL IAD - Taking Orders
RAS: Configuring NFAS
31 May 2002 News
Patton Opens Shanghai Office
Patton Sponsors China DSL 2002
Don Akin: Domestic Channel Manager

Products Unavailable

Tech Notes
RAS: Multi-Router Traffic Grapher
RAS: Configuring Frame Relay
20 May 2002 Awards
Patton Wins "Best of Show" at CERF 2002

Doug Hill to Lead European Operation

Tech Notes
RAS: Non-Facility Associated Signaling
RAS: Working with RAS SNMP OIDs

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