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22 December 2005
Manage Serial Devices Remotely over Secure IP
Special Holiday Offers for Network News Readers
EtherBITS™ Early-Bird Special
World's Smallest ATA plugs a phne or fax into the cost-saving world of VoIP. SmartLink™ M-ATA (Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter) by Patton. "VoIP in your pocket!"
Remotely Manage Serial Devices over Secure IP Connections
Patton's EtherBITS™ Model 2285 Gives Network Managers Secure Web-Managed Access to Remote Serial Devices over any IP Network.
Diagram showing secure IP connections from bank or credit office to ATM, POS, and Access-Card reader devices via 3 EtherBITS Model 2285.
EtherBITS Model 2285 Press Release...      Model 2285 Web Page
Network Managers... 
now you can enjoy peace of mind while you use your browser to monitor, control and collect data from any RS-232, RS-485, or RS-422 serial device. Patton's EtherBITS™ Model 2285 Universal Device Server combines strong-encrypted IP networking with secure HTTPS web management and built-in surge protection to give you both confidence and convenience in your serial-device network.

Patton adds such versatile management options as serial console, Telnet/SSH, and a built-in windows GUI
Snapshot of GUI diagnostics window for EtherBITS Model 2285
GUI Management & Diagnostics
diagnostics utility to the convenient and secure web-management feature, making the Model 2285 even easier to operate and configure.

Quick & easy. The EtherBITS™ Model 2285 is designed for quick & easy installation. The universal serial port connects conveniently to any meter, sensor, or scanner in your facility
with user-selectable RS-422, RS-485 or RS-232 signaling. The auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet port includes an internal auto-crossover feature for an instant Ethernet link. No more fumbling to find the right LAN cable. A built-in DHCP client further streamlines installation by automatically obtaining an IP address from any DHCP server on the network.

From factories & farms to railways & retail shops, credit bureaus, banks—even medical & dental offices—Patton's reliable and convenient EtherBITS™ device servers make it easy for you to
"connect with confidence."
Special Offers from Patton for Network News Readers
Low Intro Pricing
on Patton's Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter
Photo of Patton's VoIP M-ATA (Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter, NOW SHIPPING.)
Buy Patton's new ultra-
miniature Micro-ATA
at the low introductory price of just $46 each! This tiny little M-ATA makes a great stocking stuffer for that special network person on your list. The tiny little price tag makes it easy for you to try one, or stock up on this sure winner for the new year.
*Introductory pricing valid on first order placed by registered Patton Partners before 31 January 2006.
Early-Bird Special on
Device Server
Photo of Patton's VoIP M-ATA (Micro-Analog Telephone Adapter) NOW SHIPPING.
Want to try our new  EtherBITS™ Model 2285 Managed Universal Device Server? Let us make it easy for you. When you  place your order for 2 or more units before January 31st at standard pricing, you will earn an instant 50% credit toward your next EtherBITS purchase.

Want more information? Go to, email, or call us at +1 301 975 1000.
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