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11 October 2005
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IpDSLAM Reaches More Subscribers with More Services
Extend Serial Lines up to 5 Miles over Copper Cable
Patton-Inalp Appoints New President & COO
ForeFront™ AIS... Leading the Edge
CONVERGE. . . deliver multi-service VoIP over TDM leased lines. SmartNode 4830 with  X.21 or V.35 interface
SmartNode™. . . more than just talk
Carriers & Service Providers - Patton's ForeFront IpDSLAM & Cross-Connect Reaches More Subscribers with More Services
Patton's Model 6081RC EdgeROUTE™ Module for ForeFront™ Delivers Bridged-vLAN & Routed-IP Services over xDSL & T1/E1 Access
Routed, Bridged & vLAN Services - ForeFront IpDSLAM supports up to 176 G.SHDSL subscribers plus up to 176 T1/E1 subscribers plus up to 6 gig-Ethernet and 2 STM-1 trunks in a 9U chassis.
Now carriers & service providers can further increase revenues while benefiting from all the cost-cutting capabilities of ForeFront Access Infrastructure Solutions (AIS). Patton's Model 6081RC EdgeROUTE™ module extends IP-based services to your subscribers via G.SHDSL, iDSL & T1/E1 access links... all on existing copper-pair wiring.

Multi-service. The EdgeROUTE™ Model 6081RC integrates and converts between TDM and packet
Solution Benefits
Reach More Customers by Offering Secure Routed, Bridged & vLAN Services
Reach Remote Regions with Affordable Cost-of-Entry
Reduce Real Estate Requirements with Single-Chassis Solution
Free Software Upgrades via Web Download
Patton "World's Best" Tech Support. . .  FREE!
traffic in the ForeFront system so you can deliver  routed, bridged, and vLAN services to your customers. This feature-rich member of the ForeFront family provides IP filtering and QoS for both IP and vLAN traffic—at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives.

More with Less. ForeFront's EdgeROUTE™ solution combines TDM functions (access, concentration, and cross-connect) with packet-based capabilities (IP routing, bridging, and security) and packs it all into a 2, 4 or 9U chassis. By replacing several racks of traditional equipment with a single platform, ForeFront simplifies service deployment.

Reduced real estate requirements mean you can serve more customers while lowering operating expenses. So whether you're rolling out routed-DSLAM, bridged-vLAN, pure-TDM, or circuit-routed service models, ForeFront makes it easy and affordable to expand your network access business and launch new services.

Solutions scale from just 16 DSL ports per chassis so you can expand into remote regions without excessive capital commitment. Plus ForeFront remains cost-effective as your business grows, offering high-density solutions up to 208 DSL ports per chassis.
Pure TDM configuration. IpDSLAM solutions support up to 176 DSL ports per chassis.
ForeFront™ Access Infrastructure Solutions. . . Leading The Edge
Learn more about how ForeFront can help your business lead the edge. ForeFront offers low-cost, flexible broadband-access solutions for switched and routed traffic with IP, vLAN and TDM transport. 
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Extend serial lines up to 5 mile over common copper cable
Achieve Stable RS-232 Connections Over Industry-Leading Distances with Patton's Model 1053AS Micromodem
Photo of Patton's Model 1053AS RS-232 Micro-Extender
Reach farther. Now you can connect RS-232 devices located up to five miles (8 km) apart over the world's most common and inexpensive network infrastructure... copper twisted-pair.

Go faster.
Patton's Model 1053AS micromodem uses standard telephone wire to deliver asynchronous rates up to 115.2 kbps and synchronous rates up to 128 kbps.

Reliable, noise-tolerant 2B1Q line coding ensures a stable dedicated connection.

Connect Easily.
Combining easy DIP-switch configuration and convenient status-at-a-glance LEDs with exceptional reach and rate, Patton's Model 1053AS sets the new standard for serial communications. more info...
Patton-Inalp Appoints Ramon Felder as President and COO
The board of directors has appointed Ramon Felder as
Photo of Patton's Model 1053AS RS-232 Micro-Extender
President and COO of Patton-Inalp.

The move will increase corporate profitability and improve operational efficiency by realigning key talent so each member can play to his strengths.

In his new role, Mr. Felder also joins the board of directors. full story...
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ForeFront IpDSLAM Increases Revenues & Cuts Costs
RS-232 Reaches 5 Miles at Asynch 115.2 kbps
Patton-Inalp's New President and COO
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