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25 May 2010
telecom news u can use |  from Patton Electronics

Get Hands-On VoIP & IP Video Training at IPSizzles
Video Tutorial: How to Set Up SIP Trunking with Patton & 3CX
On-Schedule Under-Budget System Installations
Mobile Video Surveillance Technology Unveiled
Online Education: Ethernet Extension
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Connect — telecom news U can Use

Dear Patton eNews Subscriber,

Here is your May 2010 edition of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for communications technology markets. In this issue... Patton unveils groundbreaking mobile video surveillance technology for the security and intelligence industries. Watch the video tutorial on SIP trunking setup, get hands-on IP voice and video training at IPSizzles, get your free cable installers guide for on-schedule, under-budget projects—plus, online
education about Ethernet extension technology...

Photo of Kerry Garrison
Kerry Garrison
Video Tutorial: Set Up SIP Trunking with 3CX and SmartNode™
According to Kerry Garrison at 888VoipStore, Patton's SmartNode™ 4960 is ideal for PBX business trunking or corporate VoIP access. According to Garrison, configuring the SN4960 with 3CX is actually a fairly simple process consisting of the following steps...
Plug the Patton 4960 into your network and power it up
Use the SmartNode Discovery tool to find the IP address of the Patton 4960
View the Tutorial — Your Trusted VoIP Advisor

IP Sizzles Tour
Get Your Hands On IP Voice & Video Training @ IPSizzles!
Get hands-on training and meet Patton's Sean Gerrity at ABP's IPSizzles travelling conference. The tour focuses on technology resellers and integrators in telephony, data networking and IP video surveillance. >>Register for IPSizzles...

Upcoming tour Stops...
June 15—16: Tampa July 22—23: Philly
June 17—18: Atlanta Aug 10—11: Dallas
July 20—21: New York More locations...
Day 2 Agenda: Install, configure and troubleshoot a complete IP solution with several devices all working together. You will pick a task focused on your choice of...
Advanced IP PBX & IP phones setup
IP PBX with IP video calling and paging
IP video surveillance and storage
View the full two-day agenda....
Sign Up for IPSizzles >>View the full two-day agenda.

Front cover of Patton's Visuality™ Solutions Guide
Patton's broad portfolio covers your requirements for VoIP integration, WAN termination, surge protection, and more... 
New Guide Promotes On-Schedule, Under-Budget Installations
Whether you are cabling one room or a whole campus, on-schedule, under-budget installations win repeat business from happy customers. Patton's new Cable Installers Guide shows how you can avoid costly replacements and upgrades by using converters and adapters to connect legacy serial and TDM equipment to advanced IP networks. >>Get your free copy... Since 1984, Patton has provided right-priced, high quality, communications equipment manufactured in the USA.
Get your free copy >>Call me! I have a question...

Photo of CopperLink 2172R Ruggedized Ethernet Extender
CopperLink™ 2172R
Ruggedized Ethernet Extender
Online Education: Ethernet Extension Resources
Ethernet extenders expand Ethernet connections beyond the standard 328-foot (100-meter) Ethernet distance limitation to establish long-range, high-speed data-communication links between geographically separated LANs or LAN devices.

Want to learn more about long reach Ethernet, LAN extension, Ethernet distance and other topics? For bite—sized tech tutorials about Ethernet extenders, Inverse Multiplexer technology and more...   visit the Patton Resource Center.
Go to the Patton Resource Center >> Study Ethernet Extender Products

Photo of Patton's Visuality T7714 Mobile Video Device
Visuality T7714
"Know Now"
Patton Unveils Landmark Mobile Video Surveillance Technology
Combining live streaming from vehicle-mounted, portable, or fixed cameras, with high-resolution recording, time-stamping and GPS correlation, Patton's Visuality™ is the only surveilance solution in its class! Visuality™ enables security agents to "know now" by delivering fully-distributed situational awareness and intelligence >> more information...
Get the Visuality Solutions Guide >>Call me! I have a question...

What You Missed in Recent Patton eNews...                  [subscribe]
Perfect Score: Patton Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
Achieving a perfect score, Patton upgraded to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard. Certified since 1996, with annual audits by the accredited body >>read more...
SmartNode™ Scores Eighth VoIP Award in Five-Year Winning Streak
Internet Telephony® Magazine honors Patton’s SmartNode™ 4400 IpChannelBank™ multi-FXS VoIP gateway with Product of the Year Award for... >>read more...
Industrial White Paper: Future of Legacy in NGNs
What does the convergence of voice and data communications mean for the future of industrial automation networks? Will IP technology render legacy technologies useless? What is the cost... >>read more...
Cut Telephony Costs with Secure, Fully-Interoperable SIP trunking
Now any SIP-based IP-PBX phone system can connect to any ITSP—without interoperability issues and without compromising security... >>read more...
Transition RS-232 Device Networks to Ethernet/IP
Transparently multiplex up to 8 asynchronous device outputs over a sync-serial or Ethernet/IP composite link. For RS-232/V.24 device networks, a smooth transition to... >>read more...
Video Tutorial - Breaking Boundaries with Ethernet Extenders
Get the full story on Ethernet extension in less than 15 minutes. Learn how to extend Ethernet connections from A to B using standard two—wire... >> read more...
Patton - Washingtonian Magazine Covers the Family Behind the Company
In 1984, Bob Patton helped three of his sons start a family business: Patton Electronics Company. A few of his grandchildren now work there. At age 82, Bob still goes... >>read more...

Well, that's it for this issue of Patton CONNECT. Got feedback? Let us know. . .

Glen Flowers
eNews Editor
PATTON Electronics Co.
For bio—photo go to

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