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June 2011
•  Deliver Reliable Fax-over-VoIP with SmartNode™ Fax Transcoding
•  Patton Expands the SmartNode™ T1/E1/PRI VoIP Gateway Series
•  SmartNode™ IP Loopback Interface
•  Patton Announces Microsoft OCS Certification for SmatNode™
•  SmartNode™ VoIP Earns Thirteenth Annual Internet Telephony® Product of the Year Award
•  Survey: Why do you choose SmartNode?

February 2010
•  Introducing the SmartNode™ 5200 – Enterprise Session Border Router
•  SIP Trunking Whitepaper
•  Tech Spot: Can my SmartNode do Enterprise Class IP Routing?
•  Reduce Call Setup times with SIP Overlap Dialing
•  Song Phat Gets Converged Business Communications 
Thanks to Patton's Viet Nam Team
July 2009 •  SmartNode™ Number Portability - Save Money without interrupting revenue
•  Introducing SmartNode™ 4400 – The Cost Effective IPChannel Bank
•  Tech Spot: SmartNodes enable Distinctive ringtones
•  LocaNet IP Telephony Systems Count on SmartNode™ Media Gateways
•  SmartNode™ Price Cut Stimulates Analog VoIP Gateway Market

April 2009
•  SmartNode Solves Fax & PSTN Issues for SIP Enterprise Phone Systems
•  Introducing the 2290 Series LeasedLine Extenders
•  Simplify NetworkManagement with SmartNode VPN's
•  Patton& Cablecom deliver Euro-ISDN voice & data service
•  Carrier's Corner - Multiservice over SDH delivers profitable 2G & 3G solutions

February 2009
•  Latest SmartWare firmware release R5.3
•  The new “high precision clock” SmartNode models
•  How-to: Register SIP phones with your SmartNode
•  How-to: Configure SIP trunking on SmartNodes
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