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SmartNode™ Solves Fax & PSTN Issues for SIP Enterprise Phone Systems
Introducing SmartNode™ Leased Line Extenders
Simplify Network Management with SmartNode™ VPN's
Patton & Cablecom deliver Euro-ISDN voice & data service
Carrier's Corner - Multiservice over SDH delivers profitable 2G & 3G solutions
WHAT YOU MISSED in the first edition of Patton VoIP News
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April 2009

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second issue of Patton VoIP News for the SmartNode™ community. In this edition we showcase SmartNode as your one-stop shop for everything from PSTN and fax connectivity to your VPN needs. We introduce the SmartNode™ leased-line extender, plus Patton's SDH offerings (in the Carrier's Corner). Lastly we look at the Patton-Cablecom Euro-ISDN voice and data service. Thanks for reading!

Pranav Desai

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SmartNode™ Solves Fax & PSTN Issues for SIP Enterprise Phone Systems
by Marco Liechti
The future telephony system is purely SIP based, and it runs virtualized on a computer. But does the good old fax machine still work with that system, and how does it connect to an ISDN public network? Questions like these are reasons for a still spread skepticism regarding SIP telephony. With the reliable and proven SmartNode™ external gateways, telephony system vendors have an answer that not just outperforms internal PCI cards.

We have chosen three vendors and will tell you how the SmartNodes complement their systems: 3CX, Aastra and LocaPhone (Asterisk based). We will present you one at a time in the next VoIP newsletters. In this issue, you will learn how to setup the SmartNode and 3CX solution...

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Introducing the SmartNode™ 2290 series Leased Line Extenders
by Pranav Desai
SmartNode 2290 Leased Line Extender
Have you found a replacement for your leased line yet? With Europe and soon Rest of the world phasing out their Always ON analog leased lines, will you be ready in time? Responding to burgeoning customer demand in this domain, Patton introduces its newest addition to the SmartNode™ Family, the 2290 Series Leased Line Extenders.

Here are some of the major advantages of using the SmartNode™ 2290 series:
  • Enjoy the same benefits of using analog leased line based connections but at significantly  lower costs typically associated with packet based networks. 
  • Transport Audio information on up to four lines using only one extender on each side
  • Leverage your VoIP offerings using the familiar, easy to use and standard CLI structure of SmartWare
  • Be well prepared for migration away from the Analog leased lines when yours is canceled 
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Simplify Network Management with SmartNode VPN's
by John Wu
Internet is cheap, but the traffic on it is wide open. The SmartNode™ IPSec creates private VPN tunnels ensuring secure VoIP, voice and data traffic while protecting all inter-office voice and data communications over the Internet. The tunnels allow users, located in separate offices, to communicate as if they were connected by a single private network. Now all data, voice and VoIP will be kept from prying eyes and ears while ensuring that all communications came from the trusted source.

Voice over IP is good but the management of all the traffic associated VoIP together with all other data applications in a enterprise router can be a very challenge job. The VPN features in SmartWare can be handy to solve this problem...

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Patton & Cablecom deliver Euro-ISDN Voice & Data service 
by Glendon Flowers 

Sascha Jooss

Switzerland's largest triple-play and cable-network provider needed a VoIP solution that deliver ISDN BRIs to the customer premise over existing copper fiber access lines. For Cablecom (as with any provider) CPE cost is the primaryexpense driver in rolling out a service. So price/performance was a key factor in the business case. Yet very few manufacturers offer a working, stable VoIP CPE solution with ISDN BRI interfaces and SIP signaling support.

Happy ending. According to Cablecom Product Manager, Sascha Joos, "SmartNode™ products work so reliably that management never hears from them. That is a good sign."

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Carrier's Corner: Multiservice-over-SDH delivers profitable 2G & 3G solutions 
by Glendon Flowers
Front cover of Multi-Service over SDH Solutions Guide
As carriers and service providers transition to tomorrow's "all IP" network, preserving--and increasing--service profitability presents a critical challenge. Patton's Multiservice-over-SDH Solutions Guide shows how leveraging the reach of SDH preserves profitable legacy TDM services while reducing time-to-market for new Ethernet-based services. Four business cases illustrate how service evolution (rather than service revolution) can reduce CapEx and maximize RoI for both today's and tomorrow's business models. [get it!]

Get your Guide. To order the free booklet (glossy full-color 8 1/2" x 11"), or download the free PDF, or both, go to
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WHAT YOU MISSED in the first edition of Patton VoIP News
Latest SmartWare firmware release R5.3
The most feature-rich release to date includes exciting new functionality, like a free version of the SIP Registrar license...  
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The new “high precision clock” SmartNode models
The new models eliminate interoperability failures with DECT, PBX and FAX equipment when converting ISDN systems to IP telephony. Where would you want to use them? 
[read more]
How-to: Register SIP phones with your SmartNode
Up to three SIP phones can now be registered on every SmartNode, without the need for an additional license. How do you register a phone? Take these steps... 
[read more]
How-to: Configure SIP trunking on SmartNodes
The trunking registration capability in Patton's SmartWare™ allows each trunking IAD to us a single SIP address... 
[read more]
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