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White Paper: The Future of Legacy in Industrial Networks
Webinar March 3: Setting up iPBX solutions with SmartNode
Transition RS-232 Device Networks to Ethernet/IP
Broadband Ethernet Reaches Beyond Technical Limits
SIP Trunking Promises Lower-cost Enterprise Telephony
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2 March  2010
Connect - telecom news U can Use

Dear Patton eNews Subscriber,

Here is
your March 2010 edition of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for the telecom and networking technology markets. In this issue... sign up for our technical webinar about iPBX setup with SmartNode gateways, learn about the future of legacy technologies in next-generation industrial netwoks, boundary-breaking Ethernet extension technology—plus Patton's new Session Border Controller for secure, cost-saving enterprise VoIP. So by all means please read on. . . - Your Trusted VoIP Advisor
Tech Webinar - Configuring SmartNode with 3CX and Tribox iPBXs
Join us Wed 3 Mar 2010 at 2:00 PM EST for a technical training Webinar. Patton and VoipStore will present an in-depth look at SmartNode™ analog and digital VoIP gateways. Sign up! Learn how to configure Patton's analog and digital gateways with such popular iPBX platforms as 3CX and Tribox. more info... The webinar will also take you through common troubleshooting tasks. Register!
Join the Webinar Register now!

Patton Whitepaper - The Future of Legacy in Next-Generation Industrial Networks
As industrial networks transition to converged-IP communications, there is much residual value in read more...
White Paper: The Future of Legacy in Next-Generation Industrial Networks
What does the convergence of voice and data communications mean for the future of industrial automation networks? Will IP technology render legacy technologies useless? What is the cost—in terms of new hardware, disrupted operations, and downtime—of IP-enabled alternatives to async devices?

>> Get this whitepaper to learn...
What (if any) legacy infrastructures can/should be preserved in NGNs?
What are the shortcomings of Ethernet in industrial networking?
How can asynchronous devices be enabled for Ethernet/IP?
Get your free copy Industrial Networking Products

Photo shows CopperLink Model 2160 High-speed, Long-range Ethernt Extender
CopperLink™ Model 2160
Ethernet Extender
Broadband Ethernet Reaches Beyond Technical Limits
Now anyone with access to copper wire can deliver broadband Ethernet that defies traditional distance limitations. Patton's CopperLink™ 2160  takes Ethernet farther and faster—with greater reliability—than previously considered achievable. The new CopperLink extends Ethernet up to 5.2 miles (8.3 kilometers) and achieves rates up to 45 Mbps.  >>Learn more...
>>Get the Model 2160 data sheet icon indicates Adobe PDF file Call me! I have a question...

Teach me Ethernet Extension

Photo shows IpStatMux Model 3038
Model 3038 IpStatMux™
Build Tomorrow's IP-Centric Device Networks Today!
Ready? Set. CONVERGE! Transparently multiplex up to 8 asynchronous device outputs over a sync-serial or Ethernet/IP composite link. F
or RS-232/V.24 device networks, the IpStatMux™ Model 3038 offers a smooth transition to all-IP networking. Manufactured at Patton’s USA headquarters and priced at half the cost of traditional multiplexers, the IpStatMux enables immediate or future migration to next-generation device networking. >>more information...
>> Get the IpStatMux™ data sheet  icon indicates Adobe PDF file Call me! I have a question...

Photo of SmartNode™ 5400 Enterprise Session Border Router
SmartNode™ 5200 ESBR
More than just talk
Cut Telephony Costs with Secure, Fully-Interoperable SIP trunking
Now any SIP-based IP-PBX phone system can connect to any ITSP—without interoperability issues and without compromising security. The SmartNode™ 5200 Enterprise Session Border Router (ESBR) lowers SIP-trunking equipment costs by including an advanced IP router, QoS, VoIP-VPN security, least-cost call routing and IP-link redundancy in a single device—with no added licensing or support fees. Manufactured in the USA. >>more information...
>>Get the SN5200 data sheet icon indicates Adobe PDF file Call me! I have a question...

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White Paper: SIP Trunking - VoIP Telephony for the Enterprise
Keep your traditional PBX system. Or transition to state-of-the-art all-IP telephony. Either way SIP trunking connects today’s enterprises to the cost-savings, streamlined operations and rich-featured >>read more...
Video Tutorial - Breaking Boundaries with Ethernet Extenders
Get the full story on Ethernet extension in less than 15 minutes. Learn how to extend Ethernet connections from A to B using standard two-wire >>read more...
The Pattons - Washingtonian Magazine Covers the Family Behind the Company
In 1984, Bob Patton helped three of his sons start a family business: Patton Electronics Company. A few of his grandchildren now work there. At age 82, Bob still goes >>read more...
Get a free PoE Ethernet Booster for Each One you Buy!
Extend powered Ethernet connections to IP cameras, IP phones, or any LAN device—up to five times the standard reach!. Now through 31 March 2010, you can get a free CopperLink™ 2110 PoE Ethernet Booster for each >>read more...

Thanks for reading Patton CONNECT. Be sure to watch your inbox for the next issue. . .

Glen Flowers
eNews Editor
PATTON Electronics Co.

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