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Who are The PATTONs?
Industrial Ethernet: cut costs and reach 5.8 miles
Cablecom selects Patton for Euro-ISDN VoIP service
SmartNode™ price cuts stimulate analog VoIP market
VoIP Cookbook on YouTube: 3CX-SmartNode™ recipes
The PATTONs rock band - did you know?
Patton in the Press - Hot Media Headlines
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Industrial Automation • Control Engineering
Cut Setup Costs, Extend Ethernet to 5.84 Miles
With front-panel touchpad for fast, easy set-up, Patton's Model 3231 Managed SHDSL Modem extends industrial Ethernet segments up to 5.84 miles (9.4 kilometers).
>>read the product announcement...
photo of Model 3231 Managed Industrial SHDSL Modem
Model 3231 Managed Industrial SHDSL Modem
Now you can cut the cost of installation, configuration, monitoring and control while extending industrial Ethernet connections up to 5.84 miles (9.4 kilometers) with Patton's Model 3231 Managed SHDSL NTU...

Patton's FlexKey™ touchpad with backlit LCD makes this ruggedized modem easy to configure - no tools or computer
Key Features
User selectable nx64 rates to 4.6 Mbps
>> Rate-Distance Chart..
Plug-and-play operation with line-probe automated rate optimization
Fully compliant with IEEE G.991.2 and G.994.1 G.hs standards
Bridged Ethernet connection via PPPoHDSL, PPPoA, RFC 1483, and STP 802.1D
Secure management with intrusion detection, and Access Control List (ACL).
>> Get the data sheetimage indicates Adobe PDF file
required. Now you can eliminate the expense of on-site computer equipment and high-level IT personnel at your installations.

No disruptions. The Model 3231 works with your existing network management policy. Password-protected local and remote management options include WEB/HTTP, SNMP and Telnet - plus troubleshooting via remote loopback.

Rugged. Designed for extended temperatures (0° to 60° C and -20° to 70° C versions), the Model 3231 withstands vibration (JIS E 3014), shock (JIS E 3015), and humidity (IEC 60068-2-56 Cb). The ruggedized metal case can be desktop, rack, or wall mounted.

>> View the product web page...

Order Now! Where to Buy?
Contact your local Patton-Certified Distributor or...
Patton-Inalp Networks
EU Headquarters
Call +41 (0)31 985 25 25
Patton Electronics
USA Headquarters:
Call +1 301 975 1000
Patton Resource Center
VoIP Cookbook: New 3CX-SmartNode™ Recipes
YouTube Video Tutorials
3CX VoIP Nugget: Working with VoIP gateways, part 2/3
Part II: Install & Configure
Using SmartNode™ VoIP Gateways with 3CX Soft-IP-PBX

Patton and 3CX have teamed up to help small to medium enterprises connect existing hardware and systems to the IP-telephony network and the PSTN.

Learn how to set it up! In a three-part series on YouTube, Patton's Marco Liechti talks turkey about using VoIP gateways with 3CX software-based phone systems. >>Watch the videos...

When do you need a VoIP gateway with a soft-IP-PBX? How do you set it up? How do you troubleshoot? To find out...
>>visit the VoIP-in-Use section in the Patton Resource Center.

Need quick briefing on other networking terms? For more bite-size tutorials >>check out the Patton Resource Center...
Also in the Patton Resource Center. . .
Long reach Ethernet systems are wonderful solutions for the network administrator looking to get around Ethernet's length limitations. Long-reach Ethernet extenders work just as efficiently across great distances as they do side by side. However, not all models provide the same functions... >>read more... Inverse Mux Equipment. An Inverse Multiplexer transmits a data stream from a high-speed link (e.g. Gig Ethernet) over a single high-speed channel comprised of multiple lower-speed circuits (e.g. T1/E1). Since inverse multiplexers operate... >> read more...
>>Visit the Patton Resource Center...
Patton in the Press
Hot Headlines in the News Media
Patton Stimulates Analog VoIP Market with Price Cuts on SmartNode™ FXS Gateways
Lower prices on the SmartNode™ 4110 series reflect an average decrease of 20 to 40 percent for distributors, resellers and end-user customers
Patton's Low-Cost IpStatMux™ Transitions RS-232 Device Networks to Ethernet/IP
Patton's IpStatMux™ Model 3038 transparently transmits up to eight asynchronous EIA-232/V.24 data-streams over Ethernet/IP and synchronous-serial composite links--at half the cost of a traditional statmux.
LocaNet IP Telephony Systems Count on SmartNode™ Media Gateways icon indicates Adobe PDF file
LocaNet required seamless integration with industry-standard ISDN equipment, protocols and networks plus high reliability and port availability.
Patton's Managed Industrial SHDSL Modem Cuts Setup and Operation Costs for Control Engineering Applications
With a front-panel touchpad for fast, easy set-up, the Model 3231 extends Industrial Ethernet up to 9.4 kilometers (5.84 miles) in rugged environments.
Cablecom Selects Patton SmartNode™ for Euro-ISDN VoIP and Data Service
In the "connect PBX" converged-IP service for SMEs, Switzerland’s largest cable network relies on SmartNode™ VoIP CPE to satisfy the stringent demands of classic ISDN users.
Patton 2292/2294 Replaces Analog and ISDN Leased Lines with IP Network
Deutsche Telekom has cancelled all analogue leased line service contracts as of 30.09.2009. Patton's SmartNode 2292 Extender solves the problem by converting the analog signals for transmission over the IP network.
Patton Installs New Regional Director in Burgeoning Latin America Market
As regional network-equipment markets surge, Patton appoints telecom executive and technology expert Ernesto Casas to expand operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Cablecom Selects Patton SmartNode™ for Euro-ISDN
VoIP & Data Service
>>read the press release...
Switzerland's largest triple-play service provider was expanding.
Photo of Sacha Jooss, Cablecom Product Manager
Sacha Jooss
In order to grow its subscriber base, the cable-network operator wanted to offer business-class VoIP and data services. >>full story icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Challenge. Most Swiss businesses are heavily invested
"SmartNode equipment works so reliably that management never hears from them. That is a good sign."
Sacha Jooss
Product Manager
in classic ISDN PBX systems. Yet very few manufacturers offer stable VoIP CPE with BRIs and SIP signaling. Still, Cablecom needed VoIP CPE that could deliver BRI circuits over existing copper and fiber access lines.

At first Cablecom considered VoIP equipment from another U.S. manufacturer... >>Find out why Cablecom chose Patton icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Key Solution Benefits
First-line stability and reliability
Voice quality comparable to ISDN
Traditional & NGN interfaces
Rich business-class feature set
 icon indicates Adobe PDF filemore benefits...
SmartNode™ Price Cut
Stimulates Analog VoIP Gateway Market
Photo of SmartNode™ 4118 Analog FXS VoIp Gateway
SmartNode™ 4118 FXS VoIP Gateway
Now your business can afford the stability and interoperability that comes with carrier-quality SmartNode™ VoIP equipment.

Reduced pricing on all FXS (
what is FXS? icon indicates Adobe PDF file) models of the SmartNode™ 4110 VoIP Gateway Series is effective 1 June 2009. >>Read the press release...

Expected to stimulate the VoIP market, Patton's lower prices reflect an average decrease of 20 to 40 percent for distributors, resellers and end-user customers. >>Get the full story...

Coming soon... the new low-cost, high-performance SmartNode™ 4400 series with 12 to 24 FXS ports. Expected release: Q3 2009
Did you Know?
are a Rock Band
Photo of The PATTONs rock band
Did you know that Patton Electronics' executive management team is also a rock band? >>Find out who's in the band...

Sample performances by The PATTONs on YouTube...
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Cut setup costs & Extend Industrial Ethernet to 5.8 miles | Switzerland's largest cable operator pick Patton

Patton stimulates analog VoIP market with price cuts | VoIP Cookbook on YouTube: 3CX-SmartNode™ recipes

The PATTONs - executive rock'n'roll band  | Patton in the Press - Hot Headlines | What you missed...

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