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6 May 2014
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Connect - telecom news U can Use

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your May 2014 copy of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for the telecom and network-technology markets. I trust youwill find it worthwhile...

Blair Pleasant
Blair Pleasant
SBCs – Key Part of the UC Ecosystem
SBCs are the main driver behind interfacing with SIP trunking, writes Blair Pleasant in her blog post on Either the enterprise or the service provider can deploy the SBC. Patton recently introduced the first business-class, cloud-based redirection service.
One of the key roles of an SBC  >>

SBCs play a crucial role in helping companies transition from legacy voice system to Lync, and can provide the connections between Lync and  >>full story...


Johnnie Grant
Johnnie Grant 
CopperLink Product Manager
Managed & Secure Copper Ethernet Extension
Made in the USA
at Patton's Gaithersburg, MD headquarters, the CopperLink 2300 can bond up to four copper twisted pairs for Ethernet Extension over existing voice-grade copper cabling with symmetrical speeds up to 60 Mbps and achieving distances up to  >>read more

"Customers asked us to create a smarter copper-based Ethernet Extension solution that can be managed remotely and securely," Mr. Grant said. "Here it is. The time and cost of installing new fiber can easily  >>full story...


Deutsche Telekom logo
Deutsche Telekom chose Patton to supply Lync-certified VoIP CPE
Deutsch Telecom Picks Patton Lync-Certified CPE
Rolling out the new "DeutschlandLAN" Lync-based phone system, Deutsch Telekom is expanding its business-class services starting this June. Deutsche Telekom chose Patton to supply Lync-certified VoIP CPE—including SIP Session Border Routers, BRI So VoIP Media  >>read more

Delivered in the cloud,  the new Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution offers business telephony customers such new functionalities as HD audio  >>full story...


No Heartbleed

Heartbleed at Patton?
Have you heard about the Internet security issue with OpenSSL—popularly known as the Heartbleed Bug—announced a few weeks ago? Were you concerned about how your Patton  equipment may be affected by  >>read more...

Technical details. The two operating systems installed in SmartNode products—Trinity and SmartWare—are   >>full story...


"We know that legacy telephony will not disappear overnight. That means we will have to maintain..."
Art Rosenberg
The Unified View
What VARs Need to Migrate Customers to UC Telephony
We all know that business communications and telephony are changing. Some of the important changes include:

  • Migrating from legacy TDM to IP telephony
  • The rise of Unified Communications (UC) 
  • Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) options  >>

What remains critical for realizing the benefits of UC telephony is the need for seamless network connectivity with all components of a business process. Internal  and external users, and all their >>full story...


Unified Communications Excellence Award Medallion  
"We chose SmartNode for reliability... It is rewarding that we contributed to the restoration..."
Stefano Carlini, ATS

Patton Scores 2013 UC Excellence Award
Patton wins thirteenth major industry award for SmartNode VoIP products—the 2013 Unified Communications Excellence Award. Delivered on the heels of two severe earthquakes (5.9 on the Richter scale), Patton's UC solution provided special disaster-recovery  >>read more...

Patton has published
a free four-page case studyicon indicates PDF file of the  award-winning public VoIP network
solution. To design and implement   >>full story...


Marc Aeberhard, SmartNode Product Manager
"Carriers like happy customers."
Marc Aeberhard
SmartNode Product Manager
New Customer-Premise SBC for Carriers
Designed to carrier specifications, the SmartNode 5300
Enterprise Session Border Router (ESBR) is a CPE Session Border Controller that provides SIP-to-SIP normalization for up to 250 VoIP calls—with set-it-forget-it reliability  >>read more...

Ideal for service providers that offer SIP trunking services for Unified Communications (UC), Patton's newest SIP SBC solution provides SIP-to-SIP normalization for up to 250  >>full story...

Learn more about Patton's new E-SBC. >>Get the SN5300 Data Sheet icon indicates Adobe PDF file


Global Press Headlines - Patton in World News                >>like, tweet, or comment
Patton liefert SmartNode für DeutschlandLAN
Deutsche Telekom entschied sich Swiss-American Hersteller Patton zu liefern die erforderliche Lync-zertifizierte...  >>full story
Patton presenta su nuevo SmartNode 5300 ESBR
Ideal para operadores que ofrecen servicios de trunking SIP para comunicaciones unificadas, la nueva solución de SBC SIP...  >>read more
Les passerelles VoIP SmartNode de Patton certifiées Microsoft Lync
Grâce à l'interopérabilité des SmartNode de Patton, les entreprises peuvent déployer une solution de communication unifiée sur Lync. . .>>full story
Patton zeigt Bewährtes und Neues in Barcelona und Hannover
Patton, Hersteller von langlebigen Qualitätsprodukten für VoIP und Netzwerk, nutz die beiden Weltmessen Mobile World Congress. . .   >>read more
Patton confirma su asistencia al Mobile World Congress de Barcelona
Patton estará presente en las dos citas más importantes del sector en Europa, en las que presentará sus últimas novedades en sis...  >>full story
Patton amplía su gama VoIP SmartNode con la interfaz EFM WAN
A través de la explotación de la infraestructura de red tradicional existente, la nueva interfaz EFM WAN habilita las comunicaciones IP...  >>read more...
Patton Press Room...

Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.

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Connect Your Whatever to Microsoft Lync
Tested and qualified by Microsoft for Lync Server 2013, SmartNode can interconnect all your voice & data in a unified comm...  >>more
Ramon in Las Vegas - A Video Interview
Last year at ITExpo, Ramon Felder, CEO of Patton's Western Operations granted an interview with Clark Richter of UCStrategies....  >>details...
Touch-less Turn-up Monitor & Control
Patton Element Management System (PEMS) offers Telecom network operators touch-less configuration and turn-up for...  >>read more...
US Treasury Secretary Visits Patton Headquarters
Accompanied by the press, the Secretary visited Patton to highlight export opportunities for American innovators. Sales to interna...   >>read more...
Patton's EFM Tech Enables New-Gen Services over Copper 
Deliver premium IP-based voice, video, and data services across existing copper network facilities using Patton's EFM techno...  >>read more...
Special Projects Group Addresses Gov/Defense Requirements
Did you know Patton is the only major network-equipment designer & manufacturer in the Washington DC metro...  >>learn more....

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