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26 February 2014
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Connect - telecom news U can Use

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your February 2014 copy of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for the telecom and network-technology markets. I trust you will find it worthwhile...

VIDEO: Ramon Felder Interview with UCStrategies
Ramon in Las Vegas - A Video Interview
In Las Vegas last year at ITExpo, Ramon Felder, CEO of Patton's Western Operations granted an interview with Clark Richter of UCStrategies. >>watch the video...

Patton showcased a new product at the event
. Ramon said: "we are just launching this new product here. We call it SNBX, Smart Node Branch Exchange. It’s an appliance, which comes preloaded with...  >>read more...


SmartNode... the gateway to Lync
Connect Your Whatever to Microsoft Lync
Tested and qualified by Microsoft for Lync Server 2013, SmartNode can inter-connect all your existing voice and data elements in a Lync-based unified communications system. Lync-enable legacy and IP-based phones, faxes, PBXs, PSTN lines, and so on. By interconnecting. . . >>full story...

Webinar: Learn more about the benefits of SmartNode VoIP gateways for Lync solutions. Watch the educational webinar on-demand:  >>SmartNode: the Gateway to Lync...


Webinar On-Demand - Patton Element Management System
Touch-less Turn-up Monitor & Control
Patton Element Management System (PEMS) offers Telecom network operators easier installation and provisioning with touch-less configuration and turn-up for SmartNode and third-party...  >>full story...

Developed in partnership with Axiros, the well-known German network-management software developer, the PEMS system is designed to integrate smoothly with existing...  >>read more...


Johnnie Grant
Johnnie Grant 
CopperLink Product Manager
Managed & Secure Copper Ethernet Extension
"Customers asked us to create a smarter copper-based Ethernet Extension solution that can be managed remotely and securely," Mr. Grant said. "Here it is. The time and cost of installing new fiber can easily..."   >>read more

Made in the USA at Patton's Gaithersburg, MD headquarters, the CopperLink 2300 can bond up to four copper twisted pairs for Ethernet Extension over existing voice-grade copper cabling with symmetrical speeds up to 60 Mbps. achieving distances up to. . .  >>full story...


Lew and Patton in the factory
Lew with Patton
photo gallery

US Treasury Secretary Visits Patton Headquarters
Accompanied by the press, the Secretary visited Patton to highlight export opportunities for American innovators. Sales to international customers represnt more than 70 percent...  >>read more...

"Patton is an excellent example of the strength and resilience of the American economy," said US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. "Their success demonstrates why it is so critical that we continue to drive innovation, invest in manufacturing, and..."  >>full story...


"EFM technology makes old-fashioned copper wire more attractive than ever with faster service and lower costs... Patton offers EFM interfaces in all our relevant product portfolios."
Ramon Felder, CEO Patton-Inalp
On-Demand Webinar
WEBINAR: SmartNode EFM VoIP Integrated Access Devices

Patton's EFM Tech Enables New-Gen Services over Copper
Deliver premium IP-based voice, video, and data services across existing copper network facilities using Patton's EFM technology solutions. Watch Patton's on-demand  >>video tutorial....

SmartNode VoIP IADs with integrated EFM interface round out Patton’s EFM solutions, including an EFM-router, EFM-bridge and EFM-concentrators in rack-card and "pizza-box" form factors. By eliminating... >>read more...

Three SmartNode models
offer an EFM-over-copper interface:

SmartNode 4670 BRI/FXS/FXO VoIP IAD
supports 8 to 16 calls
SmartNode 4990 PRI/T1/E1 VoIP IAD
supports 15 to 120 calls
SmartNode 5490 Enterprise Session Border IAD
supports up to 196 SIP-to-SIP calls


World in Hands
Special Projects Group Addresses Gov/Defense Requirements
Did you know Patton is the only major network-equipment designer and manufacturer located within the Washington DC metro area?

Patton's Special Projects Group (SPG), showed up at GovComm 2013 last November to discuss customized solutions for the unique requirements of government and defense communications projects

Learn more about Patton's custom engineering capabilities: download the >>SPG Data Sheet icon indicates Adobe PDF file


Hot Headlines - Patton in the News                >>like, tweet, or comment
Patton and DCE Showcase New Bandwidth-on-Demand Technology at DistribuTECH 
Showcasing new-generation technologies for utilities and industrial automation... >>full story
Patton Announces SmartNode VoIP Gateways Microsoft-Qualified for Lync 2013
Tested and qualified with Lync Server 2013, SmartNode—the industry’s “most interoperable” VoIP gateway—makes Microsoft...  >>read more
Patton Announces Element Management System for SmartNode™ VoIP CPE
Patton's new Element Management System, powered by Axiros, offers Telecom network operators streamlined, touch-less. . .>>full story
Patton Partners with TESAS to Deliver UC Solutions for Businesses in Turkey
Newly-signed value-added distributor offers a complete solution that integrates Microsoft Lync with...  >>read more
Patton Stimulates Expanding CEE Economy with New Operations in Poland & Turkey 
With local offices in Budapest, Zagreb, and now Lodz, and Izmir, Patton intends to spark sustained economic growth for....  >>full story
Patton Partners with MTM, Offering Bundled IP-Communication Solutions in Mexico
Patton is poised to propel the growth of IP telephony and unified communications throughout Mexico with SmartNode™ VoIP and BODi rS...  >>read more...
More News Headlines...

Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.

What You Missed in Patton CONNECT...                  [subscribe]
What is Multi-Drop Ethernet (MDE)?
Multi-Drop Ethernet
(MDE) extenders offer several advantages for industrial network designs:  protocol transparency, infrastructure re-use, and low cost commend this... >>more
After Earthquakes: Disaster Recovery-Enabled VoIP network
The system design ensures business continuity in the event of disaster by... >>details...
ESBRs: Right-Priced, Right Sized VoIP SBC Solutions
Why buy a rocket launcher to swat a fly? Omitting costly carrier-grade features, Patton's customer-premise ESBRs never stop working to deliver essential border... >>read more...
Washington Post Covers Patton's Maryland Manufacturing Plant
Patton ships more than 70 percent of its products to customers outside the United States, yet does all manufacturing in...  >>read more...
IP-PBX Appliance from SmartNode & 3CX
Trouble-free transition to all-IP communications for small-to-medium enterprises. Patton's SmartNode Branch eXchange (SNBX) reduces the time and cost...  >>read more...
EFM Bonding DSLAMs: Blade or Pizza-Box?
Leverage last-mile copper network facilities to deliver premium IP-based communications. Patton's 24-port EFM DSLAM achieves...  >>learn more....

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