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25 September 2006
In This Issue
SN4960 - more profitable business-trunking services
SMEs unleash the power of VoIP with SIPxNANO IP-PBX
Rockin' with CopperLink™- Patton keeps celebrity alive
RoHS-compliant toolless IDC baluns now shipping
Buy one SmartNode Get one FREE! 4 T1/E1 ports, 30 to 120 VoIP calls. SmartNode 4960 PRI VoIP IAD. No limit on 
          quantities ordered. Offer valid now until 31 October 2006. For details, go to 
VoIP Carriers * Service Providers - SmartNode™ 4960 Increases Profits and Market Share with Feature-Rich, 
              	  VoIP Biz-Trunking Services
With dual gig-Ethernet ports, 4 T1/E1/PRIs, and up to 120 VoIP calls, the low-cost SN4960 delivers secure, toll-quality, business-class VoIP.
Drawing shows SmartNode 4960 PRI VoIP IAD delivering VoIP business-trunking service to an enterprise 
                     customer premise.
SmartNode™ VoIP. . . more than just talk
Make deep cuts in your overall cost-per-subscriber by rolling out VoIP business-trunking services with a low-cost, high-performance CPE. Now, with Patton's SmartNode™ 4960 PRI VoIP IAD, you can:
Expand market share by offering reduced rates on converged VoIP, voice & data services
Increase profit margin by delivering feature-rich, business-class VoIP services
SmartNode™ 4960
Biz-Class Feature Highlights
30 to 120 concurrent VoIP or T.38 FAX calls
1 or 4 T1/E1/PRI ports
Integrated G.SHDSL port  (optional).
2 Gigabit-Ethernet ports
Voice-over-VPN with IPsec voice encryption
DownStreamQoS™ for toll-quality voice
Prioritized traffic scheduling and shaping
SmartNode™ Track Record
Proven interoperability with all major softswitches
First-line service delivery in carrier deployments
more. . .

Shake it up. Patton's latest technology innovation is shaking up the market with prices that fall way below industry benchmarks. It's also the VoIP industry's first name-brand PRI-class CPE with dual gigabit-Ethernet ports.

Integrated access. The SN4960 is also available with a built-in G.SHDSL.bis modem for easy broadband access at up to 5.7 Mbps.

Send the right signal.
Pick-a-protocol, any protocol... SIP, H.323, MGCP/UIA, G.703/G.704, T1 RBS/CAS, ISDN PRI, DSS-1, NI-2, Q.SIG... SmartNode has them all. With so many signaling options, the world's most interoperable VoIP gateway can connect any phone equipment (POTS, ISDN, SIP) with any VoIP network and softswitch. more...
Patton's RoHS Krone Baluns Now Shipping
Photo of six variations of the Model 430 Krone Balun Seriess
RoHS Lead-Free Seal
Convenient, cost-effective, and RoHS-compliant, the Model 430 Single-Port E1/E2 Balun Series cuts costs in high-density G.703/G.704 installations with quick and easy conversion from expensive coaxial cable to lower-cost copper pairs.
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Small to Medium Enterprises - Unleash the Power of VoIP with Patton's SIPxNANO™ IP-PBX
Now, small to mid-sized businesses can drive costs

Photo of SIPxNANO IP-PBX with pencil. 
                      		Both are the same length.
supports up to 30 concurrent VoIP calls
to zero for internal calls. Plus, this powerful, pint sized PBX packs more calling and management features than a full sized legacy PBX.
Read the press release:
Patton & Pingtel Birth Pioneering IP-PBX Appliance
Improve communications for the whole company with such useful features as auto attendant, hunt group, call forwarding and many more...
Patton Reality Check: Rockin' with CopperLink™ - Patton Ethernet Extenders Keep a Dead Celebrity Alive
At the home of the rock-music king, CopperLink™ reigns as King of Ethernet Extenders.
Drawing shows CopperLink 2168 connecting webcam at the celebrity memorial mansion to existing 
                      copper twisted-pair
image indicates PDF file full story...
Down in Memphis, there's a webcam focused on a late rock star's front lawn. Fans can log on to the celebrity's web site and see what their hero used to see from his bedroom window. But getting
“Patton made it easy to connect a remote location to our network, which otherwise would have been difficult and costly.”
-Network Administrator
those real-time images out to the Internet involved some interesting network engineering challenges...

Ripping up the star’s bedroom to install CAT5 or fiber-optic cable was completely out of the question. The technical team needed an innovative technology that could reach beyond Ethernet's physical limitations. image indicates PDF file full story...
Learn more...
about secure, high-quality, low-cost network solutions from Patton. Go to patton.com, email sales@patton.com, or call
+1 301 975 1000
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