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Patton’s VoIP Pricing Shakes up PRI Gateway Market


The new SmartNode™ has already cut VoIP PRI Gateway costs in half… now Patton announces unexpectedly low promotional pricing

SmartNode & SmartLink™ VoIP... more than just talk

GAITHERSBURG, MD and BERNE, SWITZERLAND: Patton — the leader in network-access, connectivity, and VoIP solutions — together with Patton-Inalp Networks AG — creator of the SmartNode™ brand of industry-leading VoIP technology solutions — announced today promotional pricing on their new PRI-Gateway line.

Last week Patton announced the small-footprint, high-performance model SN4960, offering up to four T1/E1/PRI ports, two gigabit Ethernet ports, and 30 to 120 VOIP calls. By cutting CPE costs in half, the Integrated Access Device (IAD) offers carriers and service providers expanded profitability with their business-trunking VoIP service models.

Now, Patton is rewarding VoIP distributors, OEMs and integrators with the opportunity to pre-order PRI-gateway inventory at effectively half the regular price. Dubbed the Prime Mover Advantage promotion, the campaign offers customers who order before 31 October buy-one-get-one pricing on various models of the SmartNode™ SN4960 T1/E1/PRI VoIP IAD.

”We cracked the nut,” said Burton A. Patton, Patton’s Executive Vice President. “It took hard work to develop our top-shelf SmartWare™ Software….And now we have it operating on a low-cost, high-speed PRI platform. Disruptive technology enables these low prices so we intend to make a stir.”

As a benchmark, the $2,995 list price for the Model SN4960/1E30V (single-span, 30-calls) is less than half the $5,999 list price for an equivalent AudioCodes Mediant2000, or similar Cisco models. The comparison is not exactly apples-to-apples, however: The SN4960 provides dual gigabit-Ethernet ports, whereas most other PRI-class gateways—including the Mediant2000—offer slower 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports.

“We’ve done more than re-invent the PRI-class VoIP Router,” said Marco Liechti, Patton’s Product Manager. “We’re bringing real change to the market that enables carrier business models. We expect the SN4960 to be the largest revenue-producing product in Patton’s 22-year history.”

Customer-premise equipment (CPE) is one of the largest expense elements for carriers deploying VoIP services. With thousands of units required, any cost reduction in the VoIP CPE gets multiplied on the service provider’s bottom line.

Offering proven interoperability with all major brands of softswitches, the SmartWare™ software suite is highly-adaptable for interoperation with standard and proprietary protocols, services, and network architectures. Models are available with every conceivable telephony interface. The SmartNode™ brand carries a strong six-year track record of successful deployments with satisfied carriers.

For hi-resolution images of the SmartNode 4960, go to Patton’s media resources page and click on VoIP.

About SmartNode™ VoIP Solutions

SmartNode™ VoIP gateways, routers, and IADs scale from 2 to 120 analog or digital voice ports. Offering all the industry-standard interfaces (T1/E1, PRI/BRI, FXS/FXO, V.35/X.21, Ethernet and more), SmartNode™ supports SIP, H.323, T.38 Fax-relay, fax-bypass, modem-bypass, plus Voice-over-VPN with AES/DES IPSec voice encryption, plus upstream Quality-of-Service (QoS) with Patton's advanced DownStreamQoS™ for clear, toll-quality voice. For more information contact

About Patton
Patton is a multi-national organization that manufactures voice and data-communications equipment for carrier, enterprise, and industrial networks worldwide. Incorporated in 1984, Patton markets a catalog of over 1000 products including SmartNode™ VoIP solutions that support SIP, H.323, and MGCP for analog and ISDN telephony; ForeFront™ multi-service access infrastructure solutions for TDM and IP service delivery (T1/E1, G.SHDSL, xDSL, dial-up); IPLink™ CPE solutions for last-mile/local-loop access (WAN routers, modems, remote access servers, NTUs, CSU/DSUs); CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders; EtherBITS™ device servers; EnviroNET™ NEMA4-compliant hardened networking equipment, and a full range of network-connectivity Micro-Products (interface converters, short-range modems, multiplexers, surge protectors).

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