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New Fiber and ADSL VoIP IADs Now Shipping
Success Story: VoIP Call Center in India
Case Study: Advice of Charge Solution in the Cloud
TelecomReseller Podcast - Why Lync Gateways?
EFM Bonding DSLAM Coming Soon
Two Hot Ones - Product Launches
Hot Headlines - Patton in the News
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Tuesday 26 March 2013
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Connect - telecom news U can Use

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your March 2013 copy of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for the telecom and network-technology markets. In this issue you can listen to a podcast interview about how VoIP gateways enable fast, reliable, cost-effective MS-Lync deployments. Learn about the new SmartNode fiber & ADSL VoIP IADS. Get the story about a SmartNode-powered VoIP call center in India

Study the cloud-based AoC solution from Croatia's Metronet. Review two recently launched hot products and preview the upcoming EFM DSLAM offerings. Finally, find out what you missed in recent eNewsletters and press releases. Be sure to like, tweet, and share your comments! So go on and keep reading...

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Case Study - Advice of Charge (AOC) Solution in the Cloud
Case Study: Advice of Charge (AOC) Solution in the Cloud
Case Study: Advice of Charge (AoC) Solution in the Cloud

Authored by engineers from Metronet (Zagreb, Croatia), this new technical case study describes the MetroAOC service: a cloud-based advice of charge solution. Provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm, the MetroAOC service is powered by SmartNode VoIP Gateways from Patton.

Reduced initial investment and low IT support costs are two key benefits. The service runs on an ordinary web browser, so no new hardware, software installation, deployment or maintenance are required. Main networks elements include the Patton Voice Gateway, RADIUS server, Call Detail Record database and Web server.
   >>Read the case study...

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Advice of Charge Service Leverages Patton VoIP Gateways

Sandeep B. Yadav
"Local markets make stringent demands, requiring 24x7 support. Product organizations are expected to be proactive and responsive. Patton was more than willing to walk the extra mile."

Sandeep B. Yadav, Head of Operations, Eureka
Success Story: VoIP Call Center in India

System scalability was a key requirement for the client, who manages an ever-increasing demand demand for the white goods and electrical appliances they supply to the Indian market. >> read more

Migrating their TDM-based contact center to the Genesys IP-based platform required highly-reliable, scalable, high-capacity media gateways to handle expected high call volumes. >>full story... 

Get the Story Another Success Story...
Patton Brings Unified Communications to
Boy Scouts of America Campground
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On-Demand Webinar
New SmartNode Fiber and ADSL IAD's
WEBINAR on-demand: SmartNode Fiber and ADSL IADS
New Fiber and ADSL VoIP IADs Now Shipping

Sweet Spot. Fiber to the building (FTTB) has recently seen significant upswing in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Given that trend, Patton’s fiber-optic VoIP IADs hit a real sweet spot for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and business subscribers. Now generally available,these devices lower costs while expediting... >>full story

Common Interface. ADSL is the most popular broadband access technology in the world today. Patton’s one-box solutions eliminate the cost and complexity of an external ADSL modem when IP-enabling legacy PBX phone systems. SmartNode ADSL VoIP CPEs present a common interface to the service provider—regardless of what...  >>read more
PRI-class VoIP Solutions
SmartNode 4990 PRI/T1/E1 VoIP IAD
15 to 120 calls
BRI-class VoIP Solutions
SmartNode 4670 BRI/FXS/FXO VoIP IAD
8 to 16 calls

TelecomReseller Podcast - Lync Gateways: Why Are They Necessary?

How do you connect Microsoft Lync to legacy T1, PRI, FXS and FXO circuits? Or integrate with your new IP PBX? Is security a concern (duh!)?  What if your Internet connection fails? How to manage incompatible versions of SIP? Is SIPConnect the answer? Can a gateway provide survivability or PSTN fallback?   >>Podcast...

Gain knowledge and insights into the world of Lync gateways from Patton's Glen Flowers in this interview with TelecomReseller's Gary Audin. The 15-minute podcast explains what Lync offers the enterprise plus important considerations on how to get the most out of Lync.  >>Listen NOW...

Go Deeper. Patton's free on-demand webinar, Gateway to Lync, outlines the four most common scenarios for connecting PSTN lines, legacy and IP voice systems to Lync.  >>Go deeper...
>>Podcast [15:14]
SmartNode - The Gateway to Lync
>>Go deeper [30:56]
Listen to Podcast Download the free solution overview
The Gateway to Microsoft Lync
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Two Hot Ones - Recent Product Launches  
   Hey! Check these guys out...

Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.
>>Watch it NOW!
BODi rS Bandwith-on-Demand Internet Routers

Need more bandwidth for your unified communications environment? More reliability? More survivability? BODi rS Bandwidth-On-Demand Internet Routers deliver broadband-like speeds always, anywhere.
>>
IP overtakes TDM in Telecom 10K
SmartNode 10K VoIP for the Long Run

With a generation of investment in the race, carriers, call centers and large enterprises must leverage legacy elements to deliver classic universal and NGN services >> read more...

EFM Bonding DSLAM Coming Soon

ForeFront 3310P EFM DSLAM
ForeFront 3310P EFM DSLAM
Leverage copper-pair infrastructure to deliver premium IP-based voice, video, and data services. Patton's 24-port EFM DSLAM achieves symmetrical 5.7 Mbps per pair. Or bond up to 4 pairs for 22.8 Mbps per bonded channel.

Choose from chassis-based ForeFront 3310RC blade or ForeFront 3310P rack-mountable "pizza-box" solutions. Watch for upcoming announcements...

Hot Headlines - Patton in the News                >>like, tweet, or comment
Patton and TMC Launch Microsoft Lync Solutions News Community The online community offers news and information on using Lync to boost worker productivity by integrating voice, video, conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, presence... >>full story
Patton Exhibits Revenue-Enabling Technologies at Mobile World Congress This Week
Patton is showcasing two flagship product lines for wireless carrier-providers: SmartNode 10K TDM + VoIP Media Gateways and BODi rS Bandwidth-on-Demand Internet...  >>read more
Patton CEO Will Speak Tomorrow at WCTI Taste of Business in South Africa
South Africa recognizes Patton as a stable, high-quality solution. Bobby's talk will highlight what has worked very well and what would be 2 or 3 key things to watch out for when...>>
full story
Patton Sales Double to Canada and Mexico Due to NAFTA icon indicates Adobe PDF file
The company started exporting in the 1990s and now sells to more than 120 countries; Exports account for 70% of...  >>read more icon indicates Adobe PDF file
SmartNode Gateways Cited Among Top Ten VoIP Products for 2012
Highlighting Patton's free support that lowers TCO, VoIP Insider lists SmartNode Gateways among the Top Ten VoIP products for 2012. On the heels of last week's...  >>full story
Patton Receives Eighth Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award
The 2012 product-of-the-year award, announced 14 December, extends the SmartNode brand's winning streak into its eighth year. The Swiss designed and US-manufactured...  >>read more...
More News Headlines...

Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.
What You Missed in Patton CONNECT...                  [subscribe]
Washingtonian Magazine: The Pattons - The Family Behind the Company
Bob Patton helped three of his sons start a family business in 1984: Patton Electronics Company. A few of his grandchildren now work there. At age 82, Bob still goes >>read more...
Case Study: Time-Lapsed IP Photography in Far North
The harsh climate and geographical location of these construction projects made environmental conditions a critical concern for reliable operation of  >>read more...
OnDemand: Educational Webinars
Have you seen these free recorded webinars? Next-Generation T1/E1/PRI and ESBR VoIP Solutions  |  All About Ethernet Extension  |  Pimp My PBX>>more webinars...
Video: Doug Hill on Session Border Controller Technology
Learn how ESBR technology
solves common SIP-trunking challenges, including disaster recovery, bandwidth bottlenecks, voice transcoding and more in this live interview with Patton's Doug Hill. >>Doug Hill SBC video  >>MORE SmartNode videos
More Bandwidth, More Survivability for Unified Communications
Prevent lost revenue and wasted worker productivity from slow, poorly-performing Internet access. BODi rS multi-WAN line-bonding routers provide load-balancing and link failover for business-critical... >>full story
Lync-Enable Your Existing Communications Systems
Preserve capital investment by Lync-enabling your existing phones, fax, PBX, etc. using SmartNode VoIP media gateways. By sustaining your PSTN connections, SmartNode delivers network survivability

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