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30 September 2014
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Connect - telecom news U can Use

Dear Reader,

Welcome to your September 2014 copy of Patton CONNECT with news u can use for the telecom and network-technology markets. I trust you will find it worthwhile...

  Johnnie Grant
  Johnnie Grant 
Product Manager,
CopperLink Ethernet Extenders
New Ultra-High Speed Ethernet Extenders
Made in the USA
at Patton's Gaithersburg, MD headquarters, the CopperLink CL1212 achieves downstream 168 Mbps over a single copper twisted pair. Now you can extend Ethernet over existing voice-grade wiring or coaxial cabling while reaching distances up to...   >>product announcementicon indicates PDF file

Plug and Play.
"My copper Ethernet extenders provide cost-effective alternatives to more complicated and pricey solutions like installing new CAT5 or fiber-optic cable," Mr. Grant said. "They are plug-and-play devices that you can install quickly."  >>learn moreicon indicates PDF file

  unified communications  agaent
SmartNode Gateways Now Open to UC Appliance Developers
Business communication
is changing. VoIP technology once paved the way to SIP trunking, which now enables today's emerging Unified Communications (UC) ecosystems. Enter Patton's SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance... the SNOGA.

Software engineers can use the SNOGA to build
customized, one-box solutions for UC and business phone systems. The open network-appliance hardware platform for Linux and Windows developers features a reliable, carrier-certified SmartNode VoIP gateway built right in. >>product specs...

Web Wizard Screen Example
Web Wizard Screen Sample
Configuration Wizard for SmartNode Trinity
Get faster and easier installations with Patton’s new configuration WEB Wizard for Trinity-based SmartNode models--and all Patton products that run the Trinity operating system. View the complete listing of all Trinity-Based Products.

The Trinity Wizard is a powerful time-saving tool for carriers, installers, and end customers wherever configuration settings are similar across multiple installations. We anticipate the Patton technical community will be creating new wizard files. We invite you to share...  >>read more...

SmartNode 5300 Enterprise Session Border Router
SmartNode 5300 ESBR 
Gartner Study Surveys E-SBC Market
According to Gartner’s
research, the enterprise session border controller (E-SBC) market is expected to grow by 20% annually from 2014 to 2018 worldwide—primarily among small-to-medium enterprises.
>>

In contrast to carrier-grade SBCs, SMEs require such features as TDM interfaces and lower session counts. Analyzing the Gartner publication, Patton’s E-SBCs—branded SmartNode Enterprise Session Border Routers (ESBRs)—standout in several...   >>full story...

  Drawing depicts ZEOP network architecture
"Patton’s tech support always had the right answer at the right time."
  Guillaume Desjardins, ZEOP
Reunion Deploys SmartNode in SMB VoIP Service
In the nation of La Reunion, businesses are making the transition to IP telephony. ZEOP, a local Internet Service Provider, wanted to offer VoIP trunk services to such enterprises--expanding on established offerings for residential subscribers.  >>read more...

Done deal. After the obligatory testing, ZEOP chose Patton VoIP CPE over AudioCodes and OneAccess. Responding to the question, “Did Patton help you cut costs?” Guillaume answered, “The reliability of Patton products saved us many site visits  >>full story...

  POWER UP at Broadsoft Connections 2014
What's the Best CPE for Broadworks?
Find out at this year's Broadsoft Connections event. Watch for our upcoming announcement--and white paper--about an new joint service offering from Patton and Broadsoft. (Hint: something special happens when you "Power Up" a SmartNode with Broadworks.) >>more...

Gold. Band. No... not a ring! However, the word "rock" does apply. Patton is a Broadsoft Connections gold sponsor, and a contestant in the Monday-night battle of the bands. Get it? Gold Band?   (sorry)  >>more...

Patton Training, Tradeshows, Seminars Around the World
Expand your knowledge and meet Patton people at these upcoming events...
When* What Where
THU 2 OCT Carriers Lunch Bern, Switzerland
TUE 7 OCT ABP Tech Power Lunch Series Los Angeles, CA, USA
THU 9 OCT UCware-Partnertag 2014 Braunschweig, Germany
SUN 12 OCT Broadsoft Connections Scottsdale, AZ, USA
TUE 14 OCT SmartNode Certification Training Johannesburg, South Africa
THU 16 OCT IT-LOGIQ Show 2014 Paris, France
WED 22 OCT Smau Milano 2014 Milano, Italy
TUE 4 NOV Secured Cities 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA
  MORE Patton events - full schedule 
*Some events run several days. Only day one is indicated. Click event title for complete schedule.


Get more bandwidth, reliability, survivability for your unified communications setup.


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US Treasury Secretary Visits Patton Headquarters
Accompanied by the press, the Secretary visited Patton to highlight export possibilities for American innovators. Sales to interna...   >>read more...
Special Projects Group Addresses Gov/Defense Requirements
Did you know Patton is the only major network-equipment designer & manufacturer in the Washington DC metro...  >>learn more....
Deutsch Telecom Picks Patton's Lync-Certified CPE
Delivered in the cloud, the new UCC solution offers business telephony customers such new functionalities as HD audi....  >>full story...
Touch-less Turn-up Monitor & Control
Patton Element Management System (PEMS) offers Telecom network operators touch-less configuration and turn-up for...  >>read more...
New Customer-Premise SBC for Carriers
Designed to carrier specifications, the SN5300 is an E-SBC that provides reliable SIP-to-SIP normalization for up to 250... >>learn more....
Managed & Secure, Copper Ethernet Extension
"Customers asked us for a smarter, managed copper-based Ethernet Extension solution. The US-manufactured CL2300 can bond...  >>more
Connect Your Whatever to Microsoft Lync
Tested and qualified by Microsoft for Lync Server 2013, SmartNode can interconnect all your voice & data in a unified comm...  >>more
Patton Scores UC Excellence Award
Delivered on the heels of two severe (5.9 Richter scale) earthquakes, the award-winning UC solution provided disaster-recov...  >>read more...

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