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Patton Edge Orchestration Cloud Wins 2020 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award


As edge orchestration changes the way business-class ALL-IP communications are delivered, the Patton Cloud offers tremendous advantages for telecom and unified-communications service providers as well as subscriber organizations.

2020 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Robert R. Patton, CEO

"The Patton Cloud offers tremendous advantages for service providers as well as subscriber organizations.”

Bobby Patton
President and CEO
Patton Electronics

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GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND:  Patton—creator of the virtual SmartNode (vSN) virtual CPE and US- manufacturer of world-class network equipment since 1981—has won TMC’s Internet Telephony 2020 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for its Patton Cloud network edge orchestration service.

Supporting the software-defined network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) paradigms, the Patton Cloud enables Telecom and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) providers to easily provision, manage, monitor, secure, alert, troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize services on the customer premise.

On the topic of industry awards, Patton has been keeping good company: 

Last week, at the World Communication Awards, the Deutsche Telekom (DTAG) Next Generation IMS (NIMS) cloud-automation project—which is enabled by Metaswitch products—won "Best Network Transformation Initiative".

Patton’s ALL-IP and hybrid VoIP solutions are certified for interoperability with both DTAG and Metaswitch.

“We consider it a high honor to have been chosen for this significant award,” said Robert R. Patton (Bobby), CEO. “Edge orchestration is substantially changing the way business-class ALL-IP communications are delivered. The Patton Cloud offers tremendous advantages for service providers as well as subscriber organizations. Plus we’re constantly improving—always making it better!”

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Patton is fully committed to continuous ongoing enhancement for its cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) network-edge orchestration platform: 

Since its release in 2018, the company has added such capabilities as OA&M messaging (including alerts, alarms and performance-monitoring notifications sent to mobile teams).

Next, Patton added advanced LAN discovery and end-point management functions. Most recently the company has enhanced the Patton Cloud with Call-Quality and CDR Monitoring—plus packet-capture and call-reporting features. 

“Congratulations to Patton for scoring yet another Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “The Patton Cloud is a truly innovative product in the ALL-IP industry."

Tehrani continued: "Patton’s edge orchestration service ranks on the top-shelf among communications offerings on the market today. I look forward to continued excellence from Patton during the years to come."

In 2005, Patton won the Product of the Year Award from Internet Telephony Magazine for its innovative SmartNode™ 4630 BRI So VoIP Router.

Since that time, the company has earned well over two dozen industry awards for its innovative—and diverse—networking products and solutions.

In related news, on Tuesday past, Patton released its new US-manufactured C1D2 industrial Ethernet switch for deployment in hazardous environments.

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About Patton

Patton is all about connections. In today’s fast-moving All-IP market, Patton has been diligently innovating, leading the future of communication. It is our joy to connect with our customers and business partners in this mission of network transformation, building on more than four decades of technology expertise in Unified Communications, Network Access, and Network Connectivity. Incorporated 1984, Patton designs and manufactures high-quality, right-priced products and services that connect you to the cloud and the Internet of Things, leveraging virtualization, SDN, NFV, and SD-WAN. 

Patton is uniquely qualified to help connect carrier, enterprise and industrial networks to these advanced new-generation technologies, while preserving investments in legacy TDM and serial communications equipment. Patton’s world-class customer and technical support is eager and able to help you get your solution connected and running smoothly. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, Patton is connected with an ever-growing network of technology, business, and sales-channel partners. To connect with local-market requirements, Patton operates training and support centers in locations spanning the globe.

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