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Model 2111 & 2112 End of Life Notice. Product not recommended for new installations. For next-generation alternatives, please see Patton's Model 2156 and Model 2157.

The networking industry's first-ever Ethernet Extender is no longer available for sale. End of Life Notice (PDF). For next-generation alternatives, please see Patton's CopperLink™ 1314 Auto-Rate Ethernet Extender.

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  • Link LANs that are separated by as much as 3 Miles (4.9 km) over private or leased twisted pair
  • No Configuration Needed - Just Plug and Go!
  • Only requires 2 Wires
  • Supports LAN connectivity up to 100 LAN users
  • WAN speeds up to 2.3 Mbps
  • Provides MAC level connection between two peered Ethernet LANs
  • Operates transparently to higher level protocols such as TCP/IP, DECnet, NET BIOS and IPX
The Patton Model 2111 and 2112 LAN-Xtend™ Campus Bridges connects two peered 10Base-T Ethernet LANs (up to 100 users) at distances up to 3 miles/4.9 km over a single twisted pair (2 wires). Using the LAN X-Tender, corporations can connect an Ethernet LAN at the corporate headquarters to a peered Ethernet LAN at a local branch office using a dry copper leased line. The LAN-Xtend units also enable universities, corporations, government agencies, and military bases to use the installed base of telephone wire to connect two peered Ethernet LANs across a large campus or between floors in a high-rise building.

The LAN-Xtend devices are sold in pairs: one unit for the local or central office site (the Model 2112-CO), and one unit for the remote or customer premises (the Model 2112-CP). When the pair of units is deployed at either end of an unconditioned single-pair line, no configuration is needed. Just plug in the 10Base-T LAN connections and go! Built-in loopback diagnostics and front panel LED indicators help you troubleshoot any potential problems with the line.



Ordering information for this product is not publicly available at this time.
Please accept our apology as we regret any inconvenience to you.

For more information
about the availability of this product and/or alternative solutions,
please contact Patton's Product Management team at or +1 301 975 1000


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