Analog (POTS) FXS/FXO Fiber Products
FiberPlex FOM-3840 Fiber Optic Multi-Port Module - 4 channels of POTS (FXO/FXS); modular card style

The FOM-3840 Series is Multi-Port Analog POTS Fiber Extender and Isolator cards that can be installed into either a Stand-Alone or 16-port rack.

The FOM-3841 and FOM-3842 provide complete electrical isolation for four independent channels of 2-wire telephone communications. FOM-3841 (FXO) connects to the POTS (plain old telephone service) line while the FOM-3842 (FXS) connects directly into standard analog phones or modems. The FOM-3842 is also compatible with STU-III (secure telephone unit) phones, STE (secure telephone equipment) phones, fax machines, and modems.

The units can be used in areas of high electrical noise or in and out of RF shielded enclosures. The fiber optic cable is not susceptible to interference caused by impulse noise, crosstalk, or EMI. Privacy of communications is also enhanced because the fiber optic cable does not radiate any emissions. In addition, fiber optic cable offers much longer transmission distances than traditional telephone line cord wiring. Multimode optics on the units can extend the distance to 2km, while singlemode optics can further extend the distance to 20km.

A typical link consists of an FOM-3841 connected to the POTS line and an FOM-3842 at the subscriber’s phone with a duplex fiber optic cable in between.

FOM-3840 applications

  • Card Module for the FOM system supporting stand-alone or multi-card 19 rack mounting
  • Connects to standard Analog/POTS Telephone, Secure STU-III and STE Phones, Fax Machines, Modems or Radios
  • Connects to Analog Trunks
  • Can be used back-to-back for a private-line automatic-ringdown circuits
  • Caller ID supported