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Carrier Interconnect

What is Carrier Interconnection? Carrier (or Service Provider) Interconnect is the linking of networks and equipment carrying voice traffic between different facilities-based Service Providers. Interconnect is required to enable customers of one Carrier to communicate with customers of another. Interconnect can be performed using a variety of different TDM or IP based links.

Patton Carrier Interconnect Solutions

  • Patton offers fixed, mobile and interconnect service providers with multiple TDM-to-TDM, TDM-to-IP or IP-to-IP interconnect solutions enabling Telecom Operators to interconnect networks with security, reliability, scalability, and quality.
  • Patton's SN10K Series Media Gateway and Session Border Controllers deliver any to any interconnects seamless interworking and securing signaling and media across disparate network types with centralized control and support for roaming scenarios.
  • With support for concurrent use of ISDN, SS7/C7, CAS (R2), SIP, and SIGTRAN signaling in the same device, the SN10K units provide both switching and conversion across multiple TDM and IP signaling protocols.
  • Signaling Conversion, Interconnect, Signaling Transfer and Switching Point, Inter Network Trunking Solution, Lawful Interception and Media Transcoding applications are all supported by the SN10K
  • Patton's SN10500 is a carrier-grade session border controller for Network-to-Network interface (NNI) and peering. It offers 1+1 or N+1 redundancy and supports 5000 sessions including 2744 transcoding sessions. It has line rate DOS/DDOS protection, flexible and extensive routing capabilities and offers integrated network troubleshooting tools.

Featured Solutions

Transcoding Solution Delivers Interoperability, Compression & Efficiency for Carrier Interconnect
Patton's Transcoding Gateway solution delivers trascodeded calls from TDM-to-IP networks, IP-to-TDM networks, or IP-to-IP networks, and between wire line and wireless networks.
Network Operators Need to Manage a Complex Array of Interconnect & Transport Signaling
Telecom Providers need efficient solutions to bridge legacy SS7, PRI, VoIP, and NGN, LTE, and IMS networks. They need to modernize their network interconnections while protecting and extending previous investments and maintaining support for legacy services and regulatory requirements.
Addressing the needs of government and law enforcement agencies with surveillance of voice communication
Providing lawful interception is a challenge for communication service providers to meet mandatory legal compliances. Compliance with transnational communication, service interruption, and private network complexity are the key barriers to provide required services.

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