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>  Access to M-ATA Download mode
>  Configure a Patton M-ATA with Avaya IP Office Platform 9.1
>  Default Password
>  How can I get my Smartlink to register with my Vbuzzer Account?
>  How do I access the web configuration interface?
>  How do I automatically forward calls to a different extension?
>  How do I factory reset a SL4050 telephone ?
>  How do I use Speed Dial?
>  How do you transfer calls with a Patton SL4050/2 (SmartLink2 LINE SIP PHONE)?
>  How to extend dial tone (dial tone extension) from one location to another location without a SIP server.
>  How to perform factory hardware reset
>  How to upgrade firmware on the SL4050 phones
>  I want to be able to lift the handset and have the phone call immediately connected to the call destination. I do not have a SIP server involved.
>  I would like to be able to push one button and immediately get a dial tone from the PSTN so that I can make calls. I DO NOT have SIP server.
>  Smart Link 4020 Calling Features
>  SmartLink M-ATA 3CX Fax Configuration
>  The manual for the SL4020 shows a significant number of configuration parameters that I donít see on the web configuration interface
>  Using Syslog to troubleshoot SmartLinks
>  What do I need to specify as the callerid for call forwarding, distinctive ring, caller id blocking and do not disturb?
>  Why do I get a login error when using the default blank password on my Patton SL4050 IP phone with IE7?
>  Why does my Patton Smartlink IP Phone disconnect as soon as a call is placed to an older model PBX or softswitch?
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