Patton Trademark List


The following is a list of Patton's trademarks and service marks. The list also includes a recommended generic term for each trademark. In all documentation, the generic term should be used after the trademark is mentioned for the first time. Then both terms can be used interchangeably.

Note: The generic terms are only recommendations, you can use other terms as long as they are appropriate.

When using the trademarks in documentation intended for distribution in the United States, use the ® symbol in connection with registered Patton trademarks and the ™ symbol with non-registered marks the first or most prominent time that the trademark is used.

For documents that will be distributed outside the United States, do not include trademark symbols. Instead use the appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example:

SmartNode and SmartWare are trademarks of Patton Electronics Company.

For more details on the proper use of Patton trademarks, see Guidelines for using Patton trademarks.

The absence of a trademark, service mark, or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of Patton's trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that trademark, service mark, or logo.

List entries and designations are subject to change without notice. Please contact Patton with any questions regarding proper classification of a particular trademark.

Patton's registered trademarks Generic terms
ForeFront® DSL access platform


Patton's trademarks

Generic terms
ClusterBox™ modular enclosure
ClusterBoxes™ modular enclosure
CopperLink™ copper Ethernet extender
DialFire™ remote access server
DiamondLink™ G.SHDSL high-speed router
DigiLink™ dedicated, all-rate CSU/DSU
EtherBITS™ single-port terminal server
FibreLink™ fiber Ethernet extender
Full-Pipe™ access platform
Half-Pipe™ access platforms
IPLink™ managed VPN router
ipRocketLink™ G.SHDSL router modem
KiloLight™ single fiber modem
KiloModem™ baseband modem
MegaLink-I™ G.703 access converter
MicroLink™ CSU/DSU
MicroLink-E1™ CSU/DSU
MicroPak™ miniature device
MiniLink™ CSU/DSU
NetLink™ network access products
OpticLink™ multimode & single mode media converters
Patton logo™  
Patton Network Access & Connectivity logo™  
PocketBOB™ breakout box
PockeTester™ pocket-sized DB-25 tester
QuikConnect™ interface module
RedRAS™ remote access server
SmartLink™ VoIP device
SmartNode™ VoIP device
SmartWare™ application program
TeleMatch™ G.703 balun panel
ToIP™ VoIP solution

Patton's service marks

Generic terms
BroadbandLiteSM Marketing campaign
Going The Distance SM Ethernet extenders slogan
Leading The EdgeSM Access platforms slogan
Let's ConnectSM  
Link Up for LessSM IP broadband routers slogan
More Dial-Up, Less DollarsSM Remote access servers slogan
More Than Just TalkSM VoIP products slogan

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