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SmartNode PEMS Patton Element Management System

The Patton EMS network management system for SmartNode VoIP and third-party CPE empowers service providers with zero-touch provisioning for efficient, cost-effective OSS/BSS.

A fast-growing subscriber base is every service providers dream! However, a proliferating army of deployed customer-premise devices does present a management challenge. Now, with Patton’s Element Management System (EMS), you can deliver remote, real-time support for all of your SmartNode and third-party CPE. Patton’s scalable and highly-flexible EMS provides remote configuration, provisioning, troubleshooting, and fault clearing, as well as mass software upgrades for efficient, cost-effective OSS/BSS.

Designed to integrate smoothly with existing network-management systems, processes, and workflows, the Patton EMS employs carrier-specified Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) functionality. Patton’s EMS is a centralized fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) management tool for telecom network operators that offers touch-less configuration and turn-up.

The resulting key benefits are:
  • Lower Operating Costs. Remote management combined with SmartNode set-it-forget-it reliability eliminates costly truck rolls for turn-up, troubleshooting or replacement.
  • Touchless Provisioning. Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) automatically configures and provisions each SmartNode on power-up.
  • Remote Management. Use the intuitive Patton EMS web interface to turn-up, troubleshoot, reconfigure, and update software for all your SmartNode CPE from any location.
  • Manage Third-Party Devices. Powered by the Axiros open system platform, provided by Axiros, the Patton EMS can manage any vendor’s CPE.

The on-premise Patton EMS is available in the following options:

Standalone—The Patton EMS manages all installed SmartNode CPE devices. The management system provides a web GUI with a provisioning module, support portal and campaign manager
Integrated OSS/BSS—The Patton EMS can be migrated into an available third-party operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS).

Provisioning and Administration
  • Auto-provisioning capability reduces rollout costs.
  • Configuration backup & restore provides data security and failure recovery.
  • Scheduled mass upgrades for software release and configuration management.
  • Customizable configuration templates enable streamlined device deployment.
  • Patton’s Redirection Server and factory pre-config enable zero-touch turn-up.


  • View device status remotely from a centralized or from distributed locations.
  • Graphical presentation of key indicators provides at-a-glance status of each CPE.
  • Fault management enhances quality of customer experience.


  • Modify CPE configurations remotely in real time
  • Reduced complexity of device configuration

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Convenient browser-based interface.
  • Intuitive monitoring, provisioning and administration.
  • Flexible and customizable GUI for each user.

Data Interfaces

  • Standard SQL interfaces provide northbound access to third-party OSS/BSS.
  • SSH/Telnet interface provides secure, stable southbound connection to CPE


  • Manage just a few dozen or up to 100,000 or more devices.
  • Extensible to manage any third-party device.
  • Use expandable end-to-end workflows to build a Service Management System.


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