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End of Life Notice (PDF). This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For next-generation alternatives, please refer to the EOL notice.

Featuring hardware-accelerated voice encryption and software optimized for security processing, the SmartNode™ 4562 makes VoIP accessible to organizations that have been missing out on the cost-saving benefits of Internet telephony because of security concerns.

The SmartNode 4562 securely integrates remote or branch offices into the corporate voice and data network using state-of-the-art ISDN VoIP technology. With all inter office traffic secured by IPsec/AES strong encryption and Internet Key Exchange (IKE), users can replace expensive leased lines with low-cost Internet access. All RTP, SIP signaling and data communication are transported through the IPsec VPN tunnel, protecting them from wiretapping, sniffing, or attacks. Patton’s exclusive QoS features, including advanced traffic shaping, VLAN tagging, 802.1p/q and DSCP enforce toll-quality, uninterrupted voice, also inside the secure VPN tunnel.

Industry-leading call routing features include hard and soft communication fallback to the ISDN breakout port in the event of failure. A complete set of industry standard codecs deliver toll-quality voice while T.38 fax, fax bypass, and modem bypass features ensure that no services are interrupted when migrating to VoIP.

Model 4562 application diagram

  • Accelerated Voice over VPN—Encrypts voice, signaling and data traffic over IP networks with IPsec, AES, 3DES and IKE. Complete access router with NAT, firewall, PPPoE, DHCP and DynDNS.
  • Full SIP and T.38 support—Complete range of industry standard signaling protocols supported: SIPv2, H.323v4, DSS1, Euro-ISDN, VN4, T.38 fax, fax and modem bypass, DTMF relay.
  • Toll-Quality VoIP—Advanced traffic management and shaping, combined with Patton’s patent-pending DownStream QoSTM enforce uninterrupted toll-quality voice over best-effort networks.
  • Transparent Telephony Features—Preserves ISDN features like caller ID and name (CLIP/CLIR), call transfer, hold, waiting, AOC and much more. Handles complex number manipulation for most seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Management & Provisioning—Web-based management, SNMP, Command Line Interface. Automated Provisioning for easy large-scale deployments.


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