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Patton Cloud-Fax Service powered by Cloudli

Patton's Cloud-Fax Service (powered by Cloudli) is an out-of-the-box fax lines service, which can easily connect to the service with a Patton SmartNode dongle. Services are available in over 7000 locations in the USA and in Canada. And you can also keep your existing number when you choose Patton as your T.38 Fax Line provider.

More broadly Cloudli is a VoIP solutions provider that redefines telephony with service options that integrate traditional, unified and social communications with VoIP options suitable for home, business, enterprise and social network users.

Cloudli services offer great benefits and savings. Connect multiple telephones on the same account and get the equivalent of two phone lines for the price of one. Drastically cut the cost of your International and long distance calls because all calls between Cloudli subscribers anywhere in the world are free.

Within its Technology as a Service (TaaS) framework, Cloudli develops advanced communication technologies to provide the core infrastructure for cutting-edge voice communication Services. babyTEL offers these Services through its Agents and Reseller Partners. To meet their challenging and expanding needs, Cloudli customizes its Services using its own development resources without depending on third party developers. Our customer and network support teams benefit from the availability of in-house developers to offer more effective and timely support.

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Interoperability Status: Officially Certified

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